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It has been about 6 years since I met Jillian. I was photographing "red carpet" images at a charity event and she crossed my path. At the time she was pregnant, so I gave her my card. A year later she gave me a call because her daughter was turning 1. I even found the picture of her and her daughter's father from the event to present to her, with one minor change...I removed him from the picture. She looked really cute and wanted the image, but just of her. It was amusing to me, but I totally understood.

Anyway, I captured images of little Baby K at the tender age of 1 with her little fairy wings and fat cheeks.

A year or so later I had model sessions going on and Jillian suggested that Baby K be a model, so I was back again. From what I could tell from both sessions, she and I got along wonderfully. In fact, in the second session, she even requested that I pick her up and she ended going to sleep in my arms as I talked to Jillian. I couldn't have asked for a better ending. With that said, I was taken aback by her side-eye when I smiled and waved at her through the window after they arrived. Evidently she was sleepy and is a homebody. Had the session been at home instead of at Stone Mountain Park, she would have been much happier.

Since I had a Stone Mountain parking sticker, everyone piled into my car or the session. Jillian's lovely mother was with us as well. I enjoy seeing her. The dynamic between Jillian and Baby K is magical. They are so cute. While I was driving, I heard Baby K tell Jillian "I love you." How sweet is that? It reminded me of the time my son was 2 and he grabbed me by the face and said "I yub you, mommy." That thought still makes me teary-eyed.

Getting back to the story, by the time we got to the spot I had scoped out on one of the walking trails, Baby K was wide awake and raring to go. It was a beautiful day, albeit a bit nippy. About 57 degrees worth of nippy. We all hopped out the car and proceeded to the spot. By the way, we had to postpone the session twice, so evidently the third time was the charm. The first time it was because Baby K had broken her arm. The second time was because Jillian's schedule turned out to be crazy. No matter, we were able to make it work and we were all happy about that. Sorry for he digression again...

So here we are on this beautiful path, littered with fallen leaves and I can't get Baby K to stay still. When I said she was raring to go, I really wasn't kidding. As soon as we got on the path, she walked off of it trying to explore.

atlanta child photographernuri-1

Eventually we were able to coax her back onto the trail. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was going to use large, round balloons for the session, but it was way too windy for that. Considering how active Baby K was, it would have been a serious struggle to wrangle in both her and the balloons. On the path, she kept wanting to do her own thing, so of course I let her. I even made a few suggestions as to what she should do. Running is always fun. Throwing leaves is fun as well. Kissing mommy or nuzzling noses on cue, were not ideas that she took a liking to. You know how it is, it's fun to do unless someone else wants you to do it.

atlanta child photographernuri-2 atlanta child photographernuri-2 atlanta child photographernuri-2 mommy and me portraitsnuri-5

After we finished in the path, we walked down to the rocks and the lake. This is where she wanted to go, so I had to keep promising to take her there in order for her to let me capture the images I wanted. Were they perfect? No! But they sure do showcase her personality. There were times she cheesed so hard I thought she might hurt her face! 

atlanta child photographernuri-7

Then we decided to try the "telling a secret" trick. First Jillian told Baby K a secret, then Baby K told Jillian a secret. Baby K's secret was that she wanted a dog. Poor Baby K...she doesn't know that her mother is truly afraid of dogs. In fact, when she comes by my home studio, I have to lock  my dog in his crate and he's a chocolate lab. An old chocolate lab at that.

 At one point she wanted to get close to the geese that swam up to us. Undoubtedly they were looking for food, which we did not have. So they hung around eating whatever was floating around in the lake. Then Baby K wanted to stand in the mud with me, just because I was standing in it. In case you're wondering, that didn't happen.  I assured them that I captured some great images that tell the story of Baby K. The last things I had her to was count to 5 with her fingers and hold a chalkboard in front of her.

atlanta child photographernuri-6 atlanta child photographernuri-6 atlanta child photographernuri-6 atlanta child photographernuri-6

Since her expressions were a bit lackluster, Jillian decided to show her what I wanted. That was priceless! I think her antics were wearing on her mom and grandmother because as we were heading back to the car Jillian said "Bless you" and no, it wasn't because I  sneezed. Below is one more image from the session. Enjoy! And hey, if you know of anyone who may enjoy this story or a session for their child/children, let them know about me. I'd love to create a story for them too!

atlanta child photographernuri-5


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