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My latest session was a newborn session with a beautiful baby girl named Aaliyah. She is the daughter of two friends of mine. If you're a 90's R&B/hip hop fan, then you'll understand the title reference. Anyway, my friend had told me that she wanted me to photograph her baby once she arrived earth-side. If you know me, I am not one to turn down photographing a baby.  I told her that the best time for me to photograph her would be when she was 10 days old or younger. She said that would be fine, but that didn't happen. I found out almost two weeks later.

See, what had happened was....I met Stacy through my best friend Alvia. She thought Alvia would tell me when Stacy gave birth, but that didn't happen. I think Stacy got tired of waiting and decided to call me to let me know. Yes, I was rather surprised to find out that Aaliyah was 2 weeks old, but I figured I could work with her. 

So I arrived while Stacy was trying to put her to sleep. I was greeted at the door by her mother and had to disturb Mackey, Stacy's husband, while he watched soccer. He was very gracious and helpful as I brought my things in and set up. As I was finishing up, Stacy brought Aaliyah down who seemed fast asleep. She had the cutest little ruffle diaper cover with a matching flower headband. She started to stir a little bit, so I had Stacy lay behind her to keep her calm. This was actually a safe shot. Whenever I would move her hands into position and scrunch her legs up, she would  straighten them both out.  At a certain a point I realized that she was not going to cooperate, so I just let her be.

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So after capturing a few more images with Stacy, I had her move out and tried to pose her the way that I really wanted to. I don't think she liked that very much. At that point she became fussy. Turns out she had made a little present in her diaper. I'm sure that would make anyone fussy.   Anyway, when Stacy took Aaliyah upstairs we could  hear her fussing through the baby monitor. She got so loud that her grandmother asked Mackey to turn it off. 

Finally she was all cleaned up and fuss-free when they came back downstairs. Since she was still awake I figured the best thing to do would be to wrap her up. At least this way there wouldn't be any flailing arms and such.  It took a good two times to wrap her successfully because she kept kicking her way out of the  wrap. Luckily I had the wrap because when I showed Stacy the bowl I wanted to put Aaliyah in she said "She's not going to fit in that." If she weren't wrapped, that would have been true. Here is what I was able to capture before she was ready to be removed from the bowl.

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Since I wanted to switch things up, I needed her to be asleep. So Stacy took her, fed her,  burped her and rocked her and she went back to sleep. Next I put a hat on her and laid her on my posting pillow.  The most difficult thing to do was to get her  to face the light and to rest her head on her arms. Oh the other difficult thing was getting her to straighten out her fingers. Ugh! If you didn't know, babies can be very strong and strong-willed.

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That's really not what I was going for, but sometimes you take what you can get. Yet another safe shot. Good thing she's really cute, otherwise this wouldn't work. Considering I was not able to get any shots of her by herself with the coral outfit on, I asked Stacy if she wanted to try it again. She was down for it, the only problem was that the cute ruffled bottom would have to be put back on her and that would most certainly disturb her. That's when Stacy came up with the idea to just artfully lay the ruffles across her bottom to make it appear as if she was really wearing them. I think it worked amazingly well. Well, a little bit of Photoshop didn't hurt either.

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The last few images were with Aaliyah and her dad. You know I can't have a session without dad. With that, I bid you a farewell until next week.

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