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December 07, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I had a chance to photograph my sister and her children again for their Christmas cards and portraits.  As usual, there were lots of laughs, funny faces and overall silly behavior. First of all, they had on these spectacular shirts. When I saw them I thought "Only my sister!" They were so punny and very fitting for their personalities! I loved them!

children's holiday portraitsEdwards-1

What I love about photographing them is that they are always down for having their portraits taken and my sister always has something special in mind to make their portraits stand out. What do you think? By the way, everyone in this image was given a part to play. Big brother was supposed to express how he feels when little brother breaks his toys. Big sister was just supposed to smile as if to say "at least he didn't mess with my stuff". Little brother was basically supposed to act like it really wasn't his fault and mom says "well, that's how it goes".

family holiday portraitsEdwards-8

The whole family has a wonderful style that is masterfully engineered by my sister. Don't you just love the Chucks that they are wearing? If you see my sister and her children on a magazine one day, don't be surprised. If it all works out like that, I do hope to be the one who photographs them.

It's not too late to have your holiday portraits taken, but we're getting close, especially if you want to send out holiday cards. But never fear...if you miss Christmas portraits, there's still time for New Year's portraits and cards. What an excellent way to usher in the new year than sending out cards that wish a happy new year to your loved ones. Just a thought. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these images from the session and I also hope you consider booking a session with me as well. If you're interested, just click this link

family holiday portraitsEdwards-3 family holiday portraitsEdwards-3 family holiday portraitsEdwards-3 family holiday portraitsEdwards-3 mother and daughter holiday portraitsEdwards-10


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