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December 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Well, this is my last post of the year. My how time flies. I was going to post one of my latest sessions, but I figured this would be more fitting being that we are going into a whole new year. How has this year been for you? Honestly. How has it been? Are you better off than you were last year or worse? I'm not talking about the election or about all of the famous people we lost this year. I'm talking about you and your family. Do you have a roof over your head? Clothes on your back? Food in your belly? People you love and who love you that are still around? Are you healthy? When it really comes down to it, those are the really important things.

As we draw to the end of this year, I have heard so many people complain about what a crappy year this has been. To be honest, it really hasn't been that crappy, but I can only speak for myself. Did I like the election results? No. Is there anything I can do about it? No. Therefore I am not worried about it. I will not waste my time and energy on something I cannot change. What I can do is make sure that my family and I get the most out of what we have. We will do what we can to make things great for us and the people we love. We will work to help others as well. I know things may look bleak, but it's not like this is a first and it won't be the last. Many of us have always found a way to "make it work" and we'll just have to do that again. Besides, I don't have time to sit in fear of what might be. I have things to do. I have a photography studio to run, a family to take care of. I am too busy to worry and worrying does nothing for me. 

As for our beloved celebrities who have died. That is really a shame. I was really hoping that we would get out of 2017 without anyone else dying, but no such luck. I heard about George Michael on Christmas and Carrie Fisher on Tuesday. I was like "Really?" We still have a few more days, so I'm wondering who else will we hear/read about? I guess the most shocking of all was Prince. He was a year old than my husband. I don't live my life vicariously through celebrities, but I practically grew up with Prince. I am a child of the 70's & 80's.  I even remember when Prince came on the scene and the first picture I saw of him was in either Right On! magazine or Ebony. I'm not really sure because that was a very long time ago. The picture was black and white of this young, black man with a huge afro and doe-y eyes. Oh, and he was shirtless. Anybody remember that? 

Anyway, things are always changing. We don't always like the change, but we must accept that things will continue to change. Just think, if things don't change, we don't grow. What's the point of going on if you can't continue to grow? Even though we have to accept that things will change, that doesn't mean that we always have to accept those changes. There are certain changes that need to be fought against because they are not right. Before you start going somewhere I'm not trying to take you, that particular sentence can go for just about anything. For instance, our governor was trying to perpetrate a takeover of schools that were deemed to be failing. The citizens read the changes that were proposed and decided to stop it by voting against it. We were ahead of that change, which was a wonderful thing. Some other changes we find out after the fact. If you feel something is not morally or ethically right, then fight.

Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to get on my soapbox. All I really want to say is keep your head up and don't let anyone steal your joy. Be the best persons you can be and fight when you need to fight and support when you need to support. I believe that each year we should strive to make the next year better than the previous year, no matter how good or bad that year was. One thing I know is that things can always be better and sometimes be worse. Take care of yourselves and others, have a fantastic celebration and make 2017 a year to remember (in a good way)! Happy New Year!


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