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December 21, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

If you've been following my blogs, you know that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the family time and all of the awesome food. Well, I guess you can get that with the fourth of July, as well as Christmas, Memorial Day and Labor Day, but Thanksgiving is still different. Anyway, the commercialization of Christmas kind of turned me off. Want to know what re-energizes me, besides my family? The Gastons! Oh how I love the Gastons! They've got to be my favorite family! Well, maybe my second favorite. I really do like my family. Every year they bless me with the opportunity to photograph them and hang out for a bit. I have literally watched their children grow up, which is always a treat for me.

This year was no different. The children are older and taller and their personalities have pretty much settled in. When I say that they always have me laughing, they really do. It's amazing I can even capture any images with the amount of laughing they have me doing. Here are two images I captured during a silly moment. The first picture is how they said they were before the children...


Now this is their representation of how they are after the children.


See what I mean? There was also an image I captured of them posed like the man and woman farmer. You know the one where the old man is holding a pitchfork and neither of them are smiling. Yeah, that one. They were also doing the robot at one point and doing super hero poses. Can you see why I love photographing them? Now every once in a while the kids would be kids. Somebody's would touch somebody else and that somebody that got touched didn't like it. But it was usually squashed shortly after that.

When I arrived everyone was almost ready. We were just waiting for Jadyn to come down and then we could start. That's when Livy decides that she needs a cupcake because she missed snack time at school. Well if she had a cupcake, the of course Josh needed a cupcake too. Before he got his, we had to make him promise that he would participate and actually smile in the portraits. He took the bait. So all through the session if he wasn't smiling we would remind him of the deal he made. That was the upside of the cupcakes. The downside was that Livy was now hopped up on sugar. So this is what we had to deal with.

gaston-6gaston-6 gaston-9gaston-9

Oh and here is what it looks like when Josh didn't want to fully comply and his mom was trying to help him along.


All in all, it was a successful session. Here are some of the final images that they selected, along with the front of their Christmas card. Evidently there was a showdown for which design they wanted to go with. Since this year was Mike's turn to break the tie, his favorite was the one that was printed. I told Belinda that next year it's all her, as long as she's not outvoted.

gaston-2gaston-2 gaston-3gaston-3 gaston-10gaston-10 Card1Card1

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate. Until next week...



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