The not-so-big sister

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Pregnancy is a wonderful time! Ok, it's not necessarily wonderful all the time nor for everybody. If you were lucky to have a problem/pain free pregnancy, kudos to you! I for one had cankles that would have put the Elephant Man to shame. I had all day nausea during my first trimester.  I don't know which was worse, the nausea or when my son decided he wanted to lay up against the one fibroid that was on the outside of my uterus. Oh, I can't forget about the time I became dehydrated and had premature contractions. Oh boy was that fun! Can you just feel the sarcasm in that statement? Regardless of all this, I did think that pregnancy had some wonderful moments. My favorite was feeling my son move. Now that was incredible.  Any who, this blog is not about me. My latest client was NaTosha and her beautiful family. As of the day I am typing this, she is 36 weeks. She's basically in the home stretch. A few weeks ago she had decided that she wanted to capture this time before her second daughter arrived.

Her current daughter Imani, who is 1, will be the big sister. How cute is she?

atlanta daddy daughter portraitsdixon-1 atlanta mommy and me portraitsdixon-22

She was a bit of a challenge to photograph, but she's one, so I didn't expect anything different. She was just so adorable! She would walk over to a piece of my equipment and you could see the wheels in her mind just turning. Wondering how she could touch whatever it was and get away with it. She also was hot after my camera. From what I understand, she is a little model in training. When that camera is aimed at her, she smiles and stands there. We were hoping that would be the case when it came time for me to photograph her. Does it look like she stood there?

atlanta child portraitsdixon-36 atlanta child portraitsdixon-36 atlanta child portraitsdixon-36

She was very playful when I arrived. She was playing coy, yet curious. She smiled incessantly and would lean towards me then turn her head or run away. I am very used to that game. Finally she was pretty comfortable with me and I was ready to start photographing. At one point in the session when she didn't want to sit with her parents, she came and hung out with me.  As she wandered around, her parents kept an eye on her so that I could photograph them and not really have to worry about her. When I was making sure that she was ok and didn't walk into the scene, she walked up to me and gave me the sweetest little hug. I just about melted. After that she flitted away to see what else she could get into.

To keep her attention we sang the ABC song and did a little bit of patty cake. It worked most of the time, but other times we just had to change up our tactics. Since she likes posing for the camera phone, her father Andropolous, thought it would be a good idea to stand behind me with the phone so that she would stand still and look. Well, that's not what happened. Instead of standing and looking, she decided she wanted to run towards the camera. The images above demonstrate how well Andropolous's idea worked. Well, well tried. As the session was winding down, you could see Imani getting sleepy. She was still a trooper though. She continued to try to touch my equipment and get my camera. She really enjoyed looking at images of herself on my camera. Well they were rather cute if I may say so myself.

All in all it was a wonderful and entertaining session. I felt like a made a new little friend and I guess two big friends too. Here are a few more images of this beautiful family. I can't wait to meet the newest member of their family who will be arriving in June! How exciting! The only thing more exciting is that I will get a chance to photograph them again! Woohoo!

atlanta family portraitsdixon-8 atlanta family portraitsdixon-8

Believe it or not, she actually sat still long enough for me to capture a few images sitting at her mom's feet. She even gave me different looks, as well. I couldn't ask for anything more.

atlanta child photographerdixon-28 atlanta child photographerdixon-28 atlanta child photographerdixon-28 atlanta child photographydixon-27


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