Three Days of Hell

June 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

For those who don't know, I consider myself the black Polly-Anna and my mother is the black Mary Poppins. I suppose you can call my dad the human Yoda. Yeah, so I've got positivity running through my veins. No matter what comes my way, I try to deal with it as positively as I can. Sometimes that is easier said than done, but I still try. About 3 weeks ago I had three days that pushed my positivity to the limit. Do you know what caused all of this unnecessary stress? My cell phone. Yes, that little portable device we all carry around with us that keeps us in constant contact with whomever and all types of information. It wasn't until Saturday, May 21st that I realized just how dependent I was on my phone and boy do I hate that fact. 

Ok, here's how it started. My husband wanted to change the whole family's cell service to a competitor because he could get a better deal. That seemed pretty innocuous, as it should have been, but it wasn't. My husband goes to said cell store to have the changes made. Since there were several phones that had to be switched, he told the sales rep to hold off switching the phones until those affected came into the store to activate the switch. Something must have gotten lost in translation because the sales rep turned off all of the phones. There was no notice or anything. It was working that morning and then it wasn't. 

Normally this wouldn't have been an issue, but this particular day it was. I had a newborn session that morning in Mableton. I don't go out to Mableton that often, so I'm not that familiar with it. It was only my second time out there, so I used my GPS on my phone to get there. After the session was over, I was headed to the bridal shower of a dear friend of mine. Imagine my surprise when I had no service. I couldn't call anyone. I couldn't text anyone. More importantly, I couldn't use my GPS to get to my next destination. I'm sure you feel me on this. I could have screamed, but I didn't. Instead I decided to go old school and use the manners that my parents taught me to ask for assistance from actual people at an actual gas station. 

Luckily I found some very helpful men who provided me with the directions I needed to get where I was going. Was this the end of it? Of course not. We're still on day one and the day is not over yet. Basically I was late to the bridal shower and ended up  passing the actual location about 3 times because I couldn't see the address. Finally I stopped and found someone who works on the property and they told me exactly where I should go. Yay! I attended the bridal shower, had a great time and was able to get back to the freeway easily to make my way home. 

I suppose Sunday wasn't that bad, just exasperating. My husband was on the phone with both cell companies trying to get this straightened out. The current cell company provided me with a temporary number until I could get my old number ported back over from the new company. Sounds great in theory, but what really happened is that they set me up with an internet service on my phone. With this internet service, I could only text. No GPS. No internet search. No calls. Seriously? Then we were told to visit the store to buy a new SIM card to have my service available on Monday or keep the SIM card I have and wait for the number to be ported back, which could take a few days. I chose the first option.

Monday morning before my maternity session, I stopped by the cell store. That's when I learned that the temporary number was an internet service. I didn't know that at the time they sent me the text about the temporary number, so I was really hot at this point. Why would you assign an internet service to a cell phone? In case you're wondering, I was very nice to everyone involved because they were sincerely trying to help me and it wasn't their fault. So I bought the SIM card and was told that they were still waiting for the other company to port the number back over. You know what that means, don't you? No GPS again! Considering I realized that could be a possibility for me, I decided to print out the directions to get to my client's home. This will be only my second time going there and I needed my GPS. Analog directions it is. I was doing really well until I missed a turn. That just threw me all off. 

I couldn't call my client to tell her I was lost and running late, so that was thoroughly frustrating. Fortunately I stumbled upon the fire station on Ben Hill. Of course firemen know where all the streets are in their area and they were. They were so helpful and courteous and I was so appreciative. Before I left, I remembered that I can text her to let her know what's going on with me and my phone. So off I went to find this street. All was well until I came to a light, which he said I would, but evidently it was the wrong light. Arghhh! After wasting about 10 minutes, I figured I should continue down the original street and look for the street name he provided. I found it! From there it was easy peasy. I was about 30 minutes late and I really hated that. 

The session went without a hitch. I actually spent more time there than I had intended. I didn't want to shortchange her, but I may have overdid it. When I looked at my phone to check the time, I realized that I wouldn't be able to pick my son up in time from the bus stop. Instead of panicking I texted my mom to see if she could do it. After about 15 minutes and I had not heard back from her, I got a bit antsy. I finished up with my client, packed up my car and had to get directions to get back to the freeway. I made it out, but passed the exit for the expressway and had to turn around. After that I headed to the school to see if the bus had brought him back there. Nope. Still no work from my mother. I was then sent back to the bus stop to see if he was still there, but the bus driver told that he never got on her us. At that point I figured my mother had picked him up, but I had to make sure. I texted her and my sister this time. My sister responded that he was there. Turned out that my mother did text me, but it never went through. She was trying to send me an iMessage since we all have iPhones and because of the service I had, the iMessage wouldn't go through. 

​Can I say that I was seriously stressed that day? I can't necessarily say that me being late to pick up my son was my phone's fault, but not being able to use my phone like I normally would made it exponentially difficult to get things done. The bus driver even asked if my son had a phone. He does, it just didn't have a SIM card or data plan. Now he does. Through it all I managed to keep it together to get through the entire episode and all worked out well. I know there are good people out there and I am glad they were available for me. I maintained a positive and calm, albeit frustrated state of mind which helped me get through it all. So no matter what is thrown at you, try to do the best you can with what you have and make it through. It will get better and perhaps end better than you expected.


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