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So, you may remember this family from a few weeks ago. I photographed their maternity session. Click here for a refresher. Well, the little sister finally arrived. It only seemed like a long time to me, but from what I understand, she arrived pretty much on time. As always, I was looking forward to the session and I hoped that she would actually sleep. Don't worry, I'll get to that. Anyway, I had a time constraint on me the I don't normally have. She had a doctor's appointment at 1:30 and our appointment was at 11:00. I don't like rushing, but I had to get it done. So here's how my day went.

I got up on time and took my shower. I woke my son up, which took way more time than it should have. I promised him if he got up in a timely fashion that I would make him a big breakfast that consisted of eggs, grits, toast and bacon. Finally he dragged himself to the bathroom as I ran downstairs to cook us some breakfast. For some reason I  can ever leave when I want to leave whenever my son is involved. Does anyone else have this problem? I try to give us enough time, but there never is enough time. So we ate, ran upstairs to wash faces and brush teeth and then out the door. Luckily I loaded my truck up the night before. We literally ran out the door and I had him put his shoes on in the car.

​I dropped him off at my mother's house (that is so convenient) and headed to my client's home. Oh, I forgot to tell you that on the way to my mother's house, my back seized up on me while I was driving. It was like someone had wrapped a corset around me and then pulled all of the strings at the same time, really tight. Not a good omen for someone who is about to be on the floor photographing a two week old baby. All I could do was hope that my back wouldn't stop me from working. 

When I got there I was greeted at the door by NaTosha and Imani, of course. I do believe she recognized me, which is nice. I guess if a one year old recognizes you after only seeing you once and she still likes you, then a good impression must have been made. In fact while I was setting up, she walked up to me so I could pick her up and she even gave me an unsolicited kiss while I was kneeling on the floor preparing the basket for her little sister.  How sweet was that? Children just make my heart melt and make me truly appreciate what I do for a living. 

atlanta child photographer_MG_1876-Edit-Edit

​Moving on...while I set up my equipment Anaya, the little sister, slept peacefully and seemingly deeply in her mother's arms. I was like "Yes!" How quickly that changed when I put her in my basket. She just couldn't get comfortable. I snapped a few "safe" shots, but not quite what I wanted. We even had to employ the pacifier to get her to calm down. It worked, but pacifiers are not something you want in your shots. Ah well, you do what you have to do to get the shot. We even tried taking the pacifier out quickly and them me photographing her. It really didn't take her long to realize that she no longer had the pacifier and the did not make her happy...at all. We thought that she might be cold in the basket, so we brought a small space heater in. Nope. She just didn't like the basket. 


Since she wasn't cooperating we decided to go for the family portrait. I figured that what she wanted was body heat, not heater heat. I even held her while her mother went to change her clothes for the family portrait. It was really nice to hold a sleeping baby. It's actually quite relaxing. Well, mom's dressed now, so back to work. For those of you who have never photographed a newborn, you are not the boss...they are. I tried to have mom hold her in a way that was conducive for a portrait, but evidently it wasn't all that comfortable for little Miss Anaya. She cried and hollered and wriggled. I just told NaTosha to comfort her and we'd see what we could do after she calmed down. Initially it wasn't all that good because every time I tried to reposition her, she'd fight me and lay the way she wanted to. Finally she feel asleep deep enough that allowed me to reposition her head and body.

atlanta newborn and family photographer_MG_1882-Edit

I took a few images and then thought it would be a great time to try to put her on my bean bag. Success! I laid her down on the bean bag and she was cool. She wriggled a little, but I believe she was just getting comfortable. Eventually she was out like a light!

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_1913-Edit

​I took a few safe shots, then I refined the shot by positioning her head, hands and legs the way I wanted. When I arrived at the house and she was sleep, I noticed that she was already stretching out. In fact, she was sleeping on her back with her legs straight out. As you can imagine, I spent some of my time trying to get her to curl her little legs up and cross them at her ankles. So after I got what I wanted, anything else was extra. I added a hat and even swapped her wrap out for a tutu. It was wonderful and my back wasn't even bothering me. Well if it was, I didn't notice.

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_1887-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_1887-Edit

Anyway, the session wasn't a bust and I got some really cute images of her. She's a beautiful baby, so it would have been difficult to not capture any of that. So as you can see my sessions aren't perfect, but beautiful images do come out of them. Oh, just in case you're wondering, my back still hurts, but that hasn't quelled my happiness. Here are a few other images from the session. Two of these images were a bit of Photoshop magic. Sometimes it just has to be done to complete the vision.

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_1913-Edit atlanta child photographer_MG_1873-Edit-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_1913-Edit



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