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Finally, I had the opportunity to photograph newborn twins! How excited was I, you ask? As excited as a 5 year old on Christmas! Now I have photographed twins before, but they were 6 months old, so it was a little different. These twins were 3 weeks old at the time of the session. And when I tell you they are adorable...well, you'll see. Even though I was excited, I was a bit apprehensive about the session. The reason was because I have had sessions where the baby wouldn't go to sleep nor stay still, which gave me limited options. Regardless of this, I made it work, but that's why people pay me, right? 

​Any who, I had to brush up on my baby wrapping since that's not something that I do often. I have found that regardless of how old you get, you must continue to learn and try new things, hence the wrapping. When Kristy contacted me, I had actually taken the day off to hang out with my son, godson and my godson's brother. We had just finished watching Ice Age: Collision Course when I noticed that I had a missed phone call and a message. Once we finished eating lunch at Zaxby's I was able to listen to my message from Kristy. She was so cute in her message. She stated that her twins were almost 3 weeks and she didn't realize that she probably should have had newborn portraits taken way before now. Being that she felt under pressure to get this done we scheduled for Thursday of the following week. I called her back and after a little bit of phone tag, we were able to schedule the session. Being that the turnaround was so short, we didn't have the consultation.

So I showed up at their home on Thursday and little Kaden was sleep, but Eva (her little firecracker, as she called her) was still awake. Eva was the one that Kristy was most concerned about not sleeping during the session. If you've followed my blogs, you know that babies not sleeping for me is a semi-common occurrence. Since Toby, Kristy's significant other and the babies' father, had to run out for a minute we decided to get started on the session. Kristy had to do something with Kaden, so I got a chance to hold Eva. Oh. My. Gosh was she beautiful! I truly enjoyed trying to rock her to sleep and she was definitely fighting sleep. Since she wouldn't go to sleep, I had to photograph Kaden first. When I first laid him in the basket he looked like a man who feel asleep in a recliner while watching football. What do you think?

funny sleeping babygrimes-8

Eventually I got him in a cuter pose. The only reason he has his diaper on is because I had planned for him to be leaning forward, but that didn't happen. Good thing he did have the diaper on because he kept gapping his legs, which would have allowed people to know him a little too intimately. Now once the hat went on, that's when we went into cuteness overdrive.

atlanta newborn photographer grimes-3

By this time Kristy had successfully rocked Ava to sleep, Kaden was good and sleep so we just slipped her quietly in next to him. I just love how they have their feet together.

atlanta newborn photographygrimes-7

Even though they seemed to be deeply asleep, they were still fighting me. When I would fold their legs up, they would kick out or stretch or just put their legs and/or arms back where they wanted them. It was a constant fight, but I didn't care. I was just glad that they both were knocked out. So during this time I switched hats and then we took Kaden out so that I could capture some images of Ava by herself. Now the way she is laying is not the way I laid her down. She wiggled to get more comfortable and this is what I got. Is she truly a natural born model or what?

atlanta newborn photographergrimes-1

Next we moved to the bean bag and the wraps. At one point, when we put their heads close together, Kaden started trying to suck on his sister's head. It didn't seem to bother him or her.

atlanta newborn photographygrimes-9

Next Kristy wanted a portrait of her holding her naked babies one at a time. Let's just say that didn't go as planned. Eva kept showing me her private parts and wouldn't stay still. Kaden ended up being fussy, so that didn't work. Even though I didn't capture those images the way we wanted, I did capture so much more. It was truly a good session and I thoroughly enjoyed it. By the way, Toby ended up making it back as I was packing up my gear. I hope to capture him the next time. Here are the two images from the session she wanted, but weren't totally successful. 

atlanta mommy and me portraitsgrimes-5 atlanta mommy and me portraitsgrimes-5


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