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Just recently I had a really fun (and hot) session with a mother and daughter. The session was held later in the day, where the weather was supposed to have been around 91 degrees, but instead it was 97 degrees. I know you're probably saying, "There's only 6 degrees difference." While this is true, you can definitely feel the difference between 91 degrees and 97 degrees. Heck, that's only 3 degrees from 100 degrees! Darn weather forecast! There were some clouds, but they didn't help. The sun was shining quite brightly. Glad I had my thermos of water, as did my client.  

During our phone consultation, Jae told me that Phaith was a runner and tumbler. With that, I wanted to make sure that I captured her tumbling. We did a dry run so I could see how far and high she would travel and then I captured the images. Below is some of what I captured.

atlanta child photographyMommyandMe-1 atlanta child photographyMommyandMe-1

After she did a few front and back handsprings, plus a back walkover, we were done with that part of the session. I didn't want her to tumble too much because as I stated previously, it was hot. It makes me think of a saying that someone in college said. We were talking about the weather and they said "It's hotter 'n cow spit." In case you're wondering, I went to school in south Georgia.  So when you read that quote, say it with a strong, southern drawl.

Talking about convenient, Jae and Phaith actually live across the street from the park. So when I was arriving at the park, Jae had forgotten something at home, so she just took a quick trip to go get what she forgot. Then Phaith changed clothes in the restroom facilities, which were near us as well. From there, we walked to a spot overlooking a pond. It was a really nice spot because it was a covered area where parts of it jutted out over the pond. We also experienced a wonderful breeze which helped cool us off. While Jae wiped the sweat from her brow and changed shoes, I photographed Phaith.

outdoor atlanta child portraits outdoor atlanta child portraits

Now Jae was ready! I love photographing mommy and me sessions. Heck, who don't I love photographing? When we had the consultation via the phone, Jae stated that she only wanted to take one picture with Phaith because this session was supposed to be all about Phaith. I said "ok", but I knew that wasn't going to be the case. Being a mom, I knew she was going to end up with more images of her with her child.

mommy and me portraitsMommyandMe-3 mommy and me portraitsMommyandMe-3

Since they both like being silly, of course I had to take at least one silly pic. This one took multiple tries before we got it right. Basically they were jumping for joy. Well, that's what I said.

Mommy and Me portraitsMommyandMe-4

As we finished up, a little family with bikes came over. Off to the next stop! Before we could get there, I had an idea.

mommy and me portrait sessions

If you know anything about me, you know how I like to tell stories. When I look at this image, it makes me reflect on the relationship I have with my son. Pretty soon he won't let me hold his hand. Currently I can't kiss him in public and getting a hug is a little difficult. Tweens!

Moving on...Jae was leading the way since I had never been to this park before. She knew all of the great spots, so I was just following her. As we were walking, we came upon a cute little bridge. Of course I thought that was a great place to stop. I love bridges for photography.

mommy and me portrait sessionsMommyandMe-5

By the way, it's still hot as Hades or cow spit, whichever you prefer, on this day. No matter how late it got, it was still hot. Ok, we did get a little bit of a breeze, but it was still in the 90s. During our trek from one site to the next, I got to know Jae a little better. I did find out that she hates and is terrified of snakes. I don't thinks she's too fond of spiders either. In fact she was quite shocked when I told her that I didn't kill a small snake I found in my office. Actually quite a few people were shocked by that. Oh well....

Last stop, a walking/jogging path covered by a canopy of trees. Not only was it a few degrees cooler, but the light was beautiful there. I was able to capture a few images in between walkers and joggers coming through.

atlanta child photographer atlanta child photographer

Since it was the end of the session, we decided to play around a bit. I really liked Phaith's cute little dress and wanted to show it off. Speaking of her dress, Jae took me back to my childhood. I remember shopping with my mom back in the day and she would want me to try on clothes without having to go to the dressing room. So she would put the clothes over my the middle of the department, but she did it so adeptly that nobody really saw anything. Well, that's pretty much how the wardrobe change went with Phaith because we were nowhere near a restroom at this time. At no time was she exposed and the quick changed happened when there were no walkers or joggers in sight. Here's Phaith twirling and jumping.

atlanta outdoor child photography atlanta outdoor child photography

What a fun session, despite the heat. After it was over, I captured Jae and Phaith doing something I'm sure they do quite often.

mommy and me portraits mommy and me portraits




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