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My latest session was with a wonderful couple who are expecting their first child. Let me rephrase that...they are expecting their first children. Yes, my client is pregnant with twin boys. I'm beginning to wonder if there's something in the water, because my next-door neighbor is also pregnant with twins and I just recently photographed a set of twins. All I know is that I need to be careful and watch what I drink. Seems like there is something in the water. I have one child for a reason! I love children, but I only wanted one. I have my reasons. Moving on...

So, it was a beautiful day. I was a little worried that it would be too hot. When I arrived at the park it was sunny and rather warm. So warm that I had to make sure I packed a thermos of water, which is something I don't normally have to do. Since I had arrived before my clients, I decided to walk around and plan a few shots based off of where the sun was positioned. I saw clouds in the distance, but all of a sudden they covered the sun and it was automatically a few degrees cooler. Then I noticed rain clouds and a wonderful breeze. Once that happened I knew I wouldn't have to worry about the sun again.

As I was walking around I saw my client driving to the parking lot. She apologized for running late. It turns out that she and her fiancé were arguing over his attire. She ordered this beautiful royal blue maternity dress for herself and a royal blue bow tie for him so they could match. Well he didn't want the tie so he took it back and instead got himself a paisley shirt. Not only was it paisley, but it didn't have any royal blue in it at all. All I could do was laugh. When Letecha mentioned his shirt clashing with the red barn I was going to pose them in front of, I told her that his shirt would clash with anything I put him in front of. Yes, we got a good laugh out of it. Even Eddie thought it was funny. I then told her that many of their images may have to be in black and white. By the way, I was kidding, but not really.

atlanta maternity portraits atlanta maternity portraits


He was also cracking jokes with her that I couldn't hear. All I saw was the result from the joke. For one image I told Letecha to not look at me, but look at Eddie. I thought it was a beautiful image until I actually uploaded it to my computer and noticed that she was sticking her tongue out at him! 

atlanta maternity photography_MG_2199-Edit

Before we moved on to the duck pond, we walked across the street to this fenced area. I was able to photograph her from the top of a hill, which gave the image a different feel. I thought she looked lovely.

atlanta maternity photography_MG_2229-Edit

I tried not to have Letecha walk too far. I mean, being pregnant with twins can't be all that easy. It's a rather large park and I didn't think it would be a good idea for her to walk that far, so we drove instead. She said she could do it, but I thought she would look fresher if we didn't. When we arrived at the other side of the park, there were plenty of geese foraging in the grass. We spent our time from the parking lot to the pond dodging geese poop. If you've ever been to a park that had geese or ducks, you know there are poop landmines everywhere. We walked as if we were PeeWee Herman doing his dance. That probably dates me, but oh well.

We finally reached the duck pond. And of course there were even more poop bombs in the grass. Ugh! Right after I posed them in front of the pond it started drizzling. I captured a few images and then it was time to get to shelter under the picnic pavilion.  

atlanta maternity photography_MG_2232-Edit

Even though the rain was light, my camera is not waterproof. Next thing we knew, it started pouring rain. So we just sat there and enjoyed the nice breeze, waiting for it to stop. I guess it rained for about 12-15 minutes and then it was over. If I had considered sitting them somewhere on the ground, it wasn't happening now. 

​On the way to the bridge, we walked past this little area that extended over the pond. I thought it was a lovely scene, so I had them pose there, while I gingerly found a spot to put down my thermos. Yes, there was more goose poop. I promise you it was everywhere!

atlanta maternity portraits_MG_2244-Edit

Then we moved on to the bridge after letting a woman and her two dogs walk by.

atlanta maternity photography_MG_2252-Edit

We had a lovely time, rain and all. By the way, they were the cutest couple. Eddie was so attentive and helpful. He was very good at helping to straighten her dress and make sure she looked good. I really liked that.

atlanta maternity photography_MG_2194-Edit

Next I will be photographing their wedding portraits and then their newborn twins when they arrive! I am sooooooo excited about all of that! Stay tuned for some more fabulousness! By the way, you can give me a call or send me an email so we can discuss your session.

Below are a few of my favs from the session.

atlanta maternity photography_MG_2204-HDR-Edit-Edit atlanta maternity photography_MG_2204-HDR-Edit-Edit atlanta maternity photography_MG_2204-HDR-Edit-Edit atlanta maternity photography_MG_2214-HDR-Edit




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