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Have I told you lately how much I love what I do? I'm sure I have. At any rate, I love what I do! Normally I photograph pregnant mommas-to-be or precious newborns or adorable children, but one of my most recent sessions was of a tween. Not just any tween, but my niece. I remember when she was just a little bitty thing. She and my son were best friends. When my son was born he was quite a chunky baby (8lbs, 2oz), so she would call him "Big Guy".  She was always kissing him or hugging him or trying to hold his hand. They were the cutest.

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Over the years I have continued to photograph them together, as well as separately. They just keep growing and getting older. I can't take it, but I'm trying to hold it together. My beautiful niece has grown from this:

Atlanta child photographer Atlanta child photographer

To this:

atlanta tween portraitstweens-3 atlanta tween portraitstweens-3

Really, when did all of this happen? It really is amazing to me. It's also interesting to see how much her personality has changed. When she was younger, she was, let's say enthusiastic. She talked a lot. She always had something to say. Nowadays she's pretty cool and quiet. She might take a minute to warm up to you, but if she likes you, you'll know it. Same goes that if she doesn't care too much for you, you'll probably figure that out. One thing that hasn't changed is that she is all girl. She's always had a sense of style and (USER-DEFINED WORD ALERT) princessness. Below is an example:

This is how she used to relax when she was just 3. Just hanging out drinking from her Barney cup while sitting on her Cinderella princess couch watching t.v. Now that was the life. Now she drinks Starbucks while texting on her phone. She really is a dynamic little lady and I know she will go far. Not only is she lovely, but she also has a good head on her shoulders. I am very proud to call her my niece and I always jump at the chance to photograph her. Here are some of my favorite images from our last session. Enjoy!

tweens photographertweens-1 tweens photographertweens-1 tweens photographertweens-1 tweens photographertweens-1 atlanta tween photographertweens-4

It's important to note that the tween phase of your child's life is one of the toughest they will go through. Too old to be a child, but too young to be a teenager. It's like the middle age of youth. Don't neglect them. This is the time that we as parents need to make sure that out tweens are confident and love themselves. They must also know that they are loved by us and that we have their back, without smothering them. Psychologists have concluded that children's self-esteem increases when they see portraits of themselves. Don't put it off because before long your tween will be a teenager and then a college kid. Time goes by too swiftly to be a procrastinator. Contact me because I would love to capture your tween's personality and style. 




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