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Living to see another year is always a great thing. And when you have turned a year old, it's extra special for those around you. I don't know about you, but I have no memory of turning one. So you may ask "Why should I have a 1 year old cake smash session for my baby if they won't remember it?" My answer is the same as it would be to why would you have a birthday party for them at the same age. The memories you create are something you can have for yourself, as well as share with them as they get older. I don't know about you and your children, but my son loves to see images of himself when he was a baby. It's so funny because he was a fat baby (8lbs, 2oz) and now he's tall and very lean. 

Anyway, cake smash sessions are so much fun. Sometimes they can be a little messy and other times you have to actually make them messy. For the most part, the children do not want to eat the cake. Instead, they would like to play in it like it's a mud pie. Then you have children who don't really want to touch the cake because they don't like to have their hands get messy. Can you imagine? I've had a few babies who really didn't want to touch the cake, let alone eat it and I've had others who dove right in and thoroughly enjoyed the cake. The last cake smash session I had, he wasn't that interested at first, so mommy stepped in to get it started.

cake smash sessionJohnson-24

He was a little hesitant to touch the cake and kept trying to get up and walk away. So mom stepped on the set to keep him there and get him interested. Since he didn't want to taste it, she put some icing on her finger and then placed it gingerly on his bottom lip. At that point, he was a bit intrigued.

one year old cake smashJohnson-26 one year old cake smashJohnson-26 one year old cake smashJohnson-26 one year old cake smashJohnson-26

To return the favor, he kept offering his mom some cake, who was sitting off camera.

one year old cake smashJohnson-30

Even though he was interested in the cake, he wasn't as enthusiastic as his mother would have liked. So she took his hand and literally smashed the cake. See how he's looking at his mom...I don't think he appreciated that too much.

one year old cake smash portrait session_MG_2897-Edit

By this time, he was pretty tired and ready for his bath. Not really sure what happened, but he stood up and ended up falling onto the cake.


Yep, the session is officially over. His dad picked him up while his mom wiped off as much dangling cake and icing she could. His dad then picked him up and kept him at arms length. Yeah, no one wanted cake and icing on them either. While he was getting a bath, I began packing up. By the time I finished and had a nice little chat with his mom, the boys came back down to tell me thank you and goodbye. 

I know this may look really messy, but I do make it easy for you. My backdrop repels the cake and icing. I simply wipe off the excess, then I roll up the backdrop, take it home and drop it in the washer. How easy is that? So there shouldn't be any excuse as to why you shouldn't have a cake smash session for your 1 year old. They do make the most adorable images and collages/storyboards. Give me a call or send me an email and let's talk.


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