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This past Saturday I felt like I slipped into the past, but not just any past. My college past. It was fun and surreal at the same time. Have you ever experienced that before? The past that has been forced into the present so that we could reminisce about how young and foolish we used to be. Where the faces are recognizable, even if spectacles, weight and a bit of gray were added. This past Saturday was my alma mater's (Georgia Southwestern University) homecoming. 

First let me say, this visit was on a whim. My LS, also known as my Line Sister (I pledged Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. back in the winter of 1986 and she pledged with me) called me on Friday evening asking if I was going to homecoming on Saturday. I was like "Tomorrow?!"  At that point she proceeded to tell me about all of the people who would be in attendance. People whom I spent anywhere from 1 to 4 years with and saw about four or five years ago at the last homecoming. Oh how I did want to see them, but that was such short notice. She stated that she wasn't going to spend the night because she had to go to work the next morning. So that was a plus for me. The minus was having to drive 2.5 to 3 hours to get there. At that point she told me that I could drive to her house and we could meet our frat brother a little further out and he would drive the rest of the way. I had until Saturday morning to decide.

Before I go any further, you're probably wondering why in the world we have our homecoming in the middle of winter. Well, when I attended GSW we actually had a football team. Some time after I graduated, there was no more football team so now we have homecoming during basketball season. Please don't ask me why we no longer have a football team because I honestly do not know. I talked it over with my husband...the trip, not the lack of a football team and he seemed fine with whatever I decided. Fortunately he didn't have to work that weekend, so it made it so much easier to make a decision.

The next morning I woke up, decided I was definitely going and texted my LS. I hopped in the shower to get ready because I had to be at her house by 10:30, which was 45 minutes away. I made it, but was about 5 minutes late. She was sitting in her car in the driveway waiting for me. I got in and off we went. We had so much catching up to do that we talked all the way down to meet up with our frat brother. He picked us up, just in time because those manure fumes were killing us! Then he three of us continued with catching up. To be honest, that ride didn't seem long at all. Maybe because I wasn't driving and we were doing a whole lot of talking. Hmmmmm.....

Ok, I'm going to try and just give you the highlights because this post is already longer than I had planned. I can be rather loquacious and since I type like I talk, it comes out in my writing. Anyway, we arrived on campus, which has changed so much since I attended. I felt disoriented for a minute. So many buildings had been added, along with lots of sidewalks. My school has grown up! When I attended it was a college, now it's a full-fledged university. 

Eventually we caught up with more members of our sorority/fraternity. We bumped into some, flagged down others and were flagged down as well. Everyone was so happy to see everyone else. The phrase I heard the most was "you haven't changed a bit!" Well, actually I have (at least I hope so). Since it was tailgating day, the sororities and fraternities had tents set up with giant letters identifying who they were. Like so...

After we ate the food provided by the school, we decided to take a tour of the school and reminisce some more. Eventually we made our way to the hotel where there is always a hospitality room. For all of you college alumni, I'm sure you now what that means...a room full of music, food and loads of alcohol. I must say, when my fraternity brothers cook out, they cook out! We had shrimp, crab, fish, ribs, pork loin, French fries and hush puppies. OMG it was all so good! You may not know this, but I love to eat and boy did I! It was really great to see everyone. I did, however, run into a frat who at the time did not recognize me, even though I told him who I was several times. I think part of the problem was that he was drunk. From what I was told, he arrived to the cookout drunk. Anyway, he kept trying and trying to remember me and swear to me that he wasn't drunk, until it finally hit him. Oh what a relief...(insert sarcasm). 

Well, we were going to stay for the step show, but that wasn't scheduled to start until 8:00 p.m. Just from my history of step shows, I knew that they would be on BFT (Black Folks' Time) and the show probably wouldn't start until 9:00 or so. It was time to say goodbye and hit the road. Maybe next time we'll stay the night or not. Regardless, I had a terrific time catching up with my college family and look forward to doing it again next year. 



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