Valentine's Day, whoop de do!

February 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

So, Valentine's Day has come and gone. How do you feel about that? Did it turn out the way you had planned? Why or why not? Just curious. My Valentine's Day was like any other. Well, there was one husband nor I bought each other cards this year. Normally we by cards for one another at the very least. On Valentine's Day, after he got up from the table and while I was making lunch he said "Oh, Happy Valentine's Day" and gave me a kiss. I laughed and said "Oh yeah. Same to you." Before you think this was atrocious, let me bend your ear.

First of all, I am a big fan of love. Love is something that we all should have and share. Love is free and costs nothing to give or receive. Secondly, I am  a big proponent of wonderful relationships. Those types of relationships are not that easy to maintain. Like anything worth your time and being, it takes work. Do my husband and I have a perfect relationship? Of course not, but we work to keep it going in a positive direction. I don't know about you, but I expect to be shown that my husband loves me everyday and I expect the same of myself towards him. Some days can be more difficult than others to accomplish that, but I'm sure you understand. Now I guess the question comes down to, what is love and how do people show it?

To me, showing someone you love them isn't about buying cards, balloons, flowers or candy on that one day of the year. It's about doing regular, ordinary things for them. Being thoughtful and caring. Just the other day my car notified me that my convenience key was in need of a new battery. I asked my husband if we had the kind of battery I needed. We didn't, so I had planned to go out to get one the next day. Low and behold, after my husband dropped our son off at school, he stopped by the store and picked up a battery (actually several) for my key. I didn't even ask him to do it and it was a total surprise. He took it upon himself to just get it for me because I needed it. It makes me smile just to think about it. That was so thoughtful of him. He did it because he loves me and wants me to be safe. It's the little things like that that let me know he loves me.

To show my husband that I love him, I support him. I cheer him on literally and figuratively. The literal cheering is quite humorous, I must say. I surprise him by doing something that he didn't think I would do or providing him with something he needed. Again, it's the little things and little things add up. To me, Valentine's Day is a made up holiday to sell cards, flowers, candy and whatever else. Yes, I have participated in that part of it as well. As I stated before, I am a big fan of love. If you want to culminate a year's worth of love in one day, then go for it. Me personally, I like to stretch my love out throughout the entire year.

If you choose to celebrate Valentine's Day with balloons, cards and stuff, good for you. If that's what your partner likes and what you like doing for them, then you do that. For us, Valentine's Day is just another day for us to continue showing our love for one another, no matter how ordinary it may be.


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