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March 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Do you remember when you were a child and you were always wanting to grow up quickly? Why? Because you thought adults knew everything and they didn't have to do yucky stuff like go to school. Remember being a teenager and you thought you knew more than your parents? How about being a 20-something thinking you knew everything you needed to know about everything? They all may not apply to you, but I would think that at least one of these questions resonates with you. Personally I was the 20-something that thought they knew everything, maybe even the teenager, but I found out rather quickly that that was not true.

When I turned 25, that's when I realized that I had a whole lot to learn. That's probably why I don't consider a younger person a full-fledged adult until age 25. To me, that's when reality smacks you in the face and lets you know that you've still got quite a bit to learn about everything. There are times that I have to remind myself that growth is a part of life. You can't go through life and expect to improve in anything without growth.

Growth can come in many forms. Of course the first thought is probably physical growth. Unless you're still 10 years old, you probably don't have to worry about that. Then there is spiritual growth. If you're spiritual or believe in a higher power, it's very important to develop a deeper, closer relationship with that power.

Next there's emotional growth. Mind you, these are in no particular order, it's just how they are coming to me. Emotional growth is a good one. I guess it's a major part of what people consider "personal growth". Can you imagine trying to have a somewhat stressful conversation with someone who has the emotional capacity of a 5 year old? How frustrating and nonproductive would that be? That would be equivalent to telling Cookie Monster that you no longer wanted to share your cookies with him, even though you have plenty. How one achieves emotional growth is varied and quite personal. Most times I believe it happens through various experiences that test our emotional strength. If we learn from our mistakes, we will grow. If we do not, we will remain in the same place and no growth will happen. I supposed self help books work for some people, but I like the old fashioned way...trial and error, plus talking with trusted confidants. 

Finally there is intellectual growth, which includes professional growth. No matter who you are or what you do, you should never stop learning. You know it's a great day when you learn at least one new thing. If you learn a plethora of things, then it's an awesome day! Being a photographer, I know that I need to keep up with the latest technology, techniques and resources to make sure that I continue to offer the best service to my clients. I attend conferences, take workshops, read and practice to make sure I am at the top of my game. No matter what I do, I know that learning is a constant.

No matter how you think about growth, it is a part of life. If you do not continue to grow, you will be stagnant and start to die. Always continue to learn more and do more. This goes for your professional life, as well as your personal life. If you're not where you want to be or think you should be, don't worry. Just know that you need to put in the work to get to where you want to be. Sometimes it's quick and sometimes it's not, but as long as you work at it, it is inevitable.




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