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My most recent session was with 3 lovely little girls named Olivia (7), Johanna & Joelle, both 5. Normally I like to meet the children prior to the session, but it's not always possible. In those instances, I try to get the parent to tell me about their child(ren) so I can have some idea about them. In my mind, I had formulated what I wanted, which was a play on the Power Puff Girls and I was going to call them the Afro Puff Girls. After meeting them, that changed a bit. I didn't see them as little super heroes. I saw the as cute little princesses.

When I arrived at their home, the girls' father answered the door, along with Cinco. Cinco is their American Eskimo dog and he is the cutest little thing. Talk about energy! He had so much energy I thought he was a puppy, but come to find out he's about 13 or 14 years old! The girls came running to the front asking all kinds of questions. They were so sweet and very curious. Joelle came right up to me and asked who I was and why I was there. Olivia asked if I had seen something she was looking for and Johanna was flitting from one place to another. After getting acquainted with the girls and Cinco, Christina came downstairs to give my assistant and me a tour of the house to find a good spot to photograph. Since the girls were hanging out in the living room, we started downstairs in the basement.

The basement had lots of wonderful spaces, especially this one room with a bed in it. If you don't already know, I often get inspiration from the space that I will be photographing in. Having a plan as to how I am going to shoot is not necessarily my strong point. I can do it, but I think it comes out better when I improvise. Anyway, we then went upstairs to the girls' playroom. What a wonderful space! That is where I chose to photograph the girls, but it could only happen after the girls cleaned it up. That in itself was quite amusing because distractions abounded for the girls. As they cleaned, we set up.

Next it was time for the girls to put on their outfits. This particular "outfit" that I put together came to me as I was packing for the session at home. I have various cheesecloth wraps that I wrap babies in that I came across. They were four lovely muted tones of cloth. After finding those, I decided that I wanted to photograph the girls wearing them as tops tied around their chests. Now that I think of it, it kind of reminds me of an old image of TLC.  anyway, here are a few images with the wraps. I just liked how organic it looked.

atlanta child photographersibings-1 atlanta child photographersibings-5

For the second outfit, Christina and I had been collaborating over the phone. I told her what my vision was and she tried to complete it as best she could. Considering I had to scrap my original idea because the girls' personalities didn't seem to fit it for me, what she provided was great. She had these long skirts that looked like tulle, but softer. She had accessories like necklaces, bracelets and headbands. We had to ditch the headbands because they just weren't working for me. Here are a few images with these skirts. The first image is Olivia doing the hula. Her mom and I started talking about Hawai'i for some reason and she started doing it. Joelle wanted to pose herself and below right is what she gave me. The next to last image is Johanna giving me her model pose. The last image was all their idea. I love to let the children show me how they want to pose.

atlanta child photographersibings-8 atlanta child photographersibings-8 atlanta child photographersibings-8 atlanta child photographersibings-21

Now you know you can't have a child session without at least one funny picture!

atlanta child photographersibings-22

When I photograph children I know they have a threshold as to how long they will cooperate before they get tired. Treats were promised if they could just continue a little more, which they did, valiantly. I had such a wonderful time with them. Here is an excerpt of part of the session. I explained to their mother that at this age, children don't always know how to smile on cue. You may get something that looks like a pained expression or something out of a horror flick. The prevent that from happening, I try to make them laugh instead that produces a natural and pleasant smile/expression. So the running joke were the words "boo, pee pee" which they are normally not allowed to say, but they were on this day! Can't you hear how tickled they were? Joelle ran those words into the ground and was not planning on stopping.

At the end of the session the girls ran downstairs to watch their precious movie that they were promised. Joelle came back upstairs while I was packing up because she wanted to give me a hug. As she had her arms around my neck, her mother told her to stop hugging me so I could finish putting my equipment up and Joelle responded "But I love him...but I love her." With that said, she hugged me even tighter. How sweet is that?

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