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March 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Timing is everything and (almost) everything happens for a reason. These two things go together. I don't really believe there are coincidences. When you run into someone, you were supposed to run into that someone. When a certain thing happens that may not seem like it was timed perfectly, but ends up being the best thing that could have happened at that, was supposed to happen.

Lately I have been experiencing all kinds of great timing in my life. For instance, I normally go grocery shopping weekly on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. One Saturday or Sunday I went a bit later into the evening. While I was shopping my son's kindergarten teacher approached me. She happened to be shopping at the same Publix I shop at and I have never seen her there before. I had not seen her in about 3 years. It was such a nice surprise. We chatted for quite a while, but it was so good to catch up with her and to hear what she was doing. She is currently retired, so I couldn't have visited her at her old school. The funny thing is something had reminded me of her and I began wondering how she was doing, and low and behold she shows up at my grocery store!

Most recently my husband and I were at an audition for my son. He was auditioning for entrance into an arts-centric school. Anyway, while he was in the actual audition I became thirsty. I didn't get up right away to find a fountain. I continued to wait thinking that maybe he would finish before I got up to find one. Eventually my thirst got the better of me and I decided to go on the hunt for water. When I walked into the corridor I saw a familiar face...my son's 2nd grade teacher. Now that was a surprise. It turns out that she had just transferred to that school during this school year. What are the odds that I would leave out of the room at that exact time to catch her leaving for the day? 

Then there's my husband. He was working a job that was stressing him out with all of their asinine rules and policies. One day they tried to have him and his fellow coworkers perform yet another unnecessary and ridiculous task, so he told them that he quit. When he came home early I was surprised, but glad he was home. He then explained to me what happened and I was glad he quit. I really hated that he was so miserable because of his job and now he's not. This worked out well because he had some personal business to take care of and his job schedule wouldn't have allowed him to take the time that he needed. Now he has a new job that he's excited about and it starts right after his personal business has been completed. How's that for timing?

My last example has to deal with me starting my business officially full-time. While I was still working in corporate America, I started taking photography classes because the job that I used to absolutely love, turned into a position that I loathed. I realized that I wanted to do something for a living that I enjoyed. Anyway, after I had my son, my husband and I talked about me putting in my notice in January or February of the following year. My son was born in May. I came back from maternity leave in August and was laid off in October. What a blessing! Had I quit, I wouldn't have been paid severance. Who doesn't need a large lump sum of money? And to top that off, I was hired as a contractor and they sent me to London twice for 2 different clients. I made more money in those two weeks than I would have normally made in 2 months, and they paid me quite well before contracting.

I said all of that to say this...things that are meant to happen will happen in due time. Be patient. Those things that you think will cause you problems, don't always cause the problems that you thought. Perhaps they were for your own good. Perhaps you couldn't wait for something to happen, so there was an obstacle put in your way to make you wait. These are just a few examples and I'm sure you have your own. Maybe now you'll think back on those instances and realize that what happened was supposed to happen. There are some terrible things that happen. I would hope there's a good reason for those things. Most of the time it seems like there can't possibly be a good reason for it. Like my client who lost their baby to SIDS. I can't think of any good reason for that. I just have to keep my faith and believe there has to be a reason and perhaps I'll learn about it in time. Until then, I will continue to pray for guidance and understanding.  


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