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April 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

To me, learning and changing go hand in hand. I feel that if you have learned something, especially about yourself, it can change you. Sometimes for good and sometimes for not so good. Just recently I rediscovered some things about myself. The reason I say "rediscovered" is because deep down I knew that I was causing myself problems, for lack of a better word. Basically undue stress and anonymity. And being anonymous in business is not a good thing.

The undue stress I was causing myself was with my son. My son is 11 and he is very stubborn. He's also hard-headed and sometimes thinks that he knows better than me. I'm sure you've guessed that I usually show him that that is simply not the case. At any rate, he, like many children his age, try to get away with things just because he thinks I am oblivious to them. For instance, he's supposed to be doing his homework on the computer, but instead he's playing a video game. I'm not sure why he would think that I don't know what he's doing, but whatever. I catch him, he apologizes, resumes work and maybe he tries to start playing again. After catching him a few times, he realizes that he should just do his work. Well tonight I took a different approach. After hearing suspicious activity on his computer, but never catching him, I told him that I was going to stop worrying about whether he was doing his work or not. If he really wanted to succeed he would have to want it. I told him I couldn't want it for him and force him to want it. It was all on his shoulders and I wasn't going to worry about it anymore. If he succeeds, he receives accolades and rewards. If he doesn't...well you know the drill. What a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

As for the anonymous part...I am an introvert. I think I've mentioned this before. I prefer to be behind the scenes getting things done, but when you run a business and you are the face of your business, you can't hide behind anyone or anything. For years I have been advertising and marketing, but probably not like I should. Inch by inch I put myself out there in front of the public. Part of my resistance is that I don't want to experience rejection. Failure is something I'm familiar with. I don't like to fail, but stuff happens. Embarrassment isn't something I am fond of either, but it has happened. But the worst of all to me is rejection.

About a year ago or so, I decided to do something that would put me out in front of a lot of people. It would expose me, if you will. I agreed to participate in a radio interview. Yes, a real live radio interview. That was the good part. The bad part is that I don't think I told a whole lot of people that I was going to be on the radio. Yeah, I know. That kind of defeats the purpose, but at least it was a step in the right direction.

Shortly after that, I filmed a commercial of sorts for a popular website to advertise my business. Now that was a really gigantic step for me because the only thing I hate worse than having my picture taken is having video taken. The commercial did give my business more visibility, so I guess it did its job. The latest thing I did was an interview with the online magazine When they first contacted me about doing an interview, would you believe that I had to really think about it? Knowing that I needed to take this opportunity that was given to me, I said yes. If you're interested in reading the interview, click here. I feel really good about the interview and so glad that I embraced the opportunity. 

Now the last thing that I did or at least have committed to doing is Limited Edition Sessions. Believe it or not this is my first event. One reason I never did events is because I don't necessarily have a space for one. I have a home studio, but I'd rather not displace my family for an event. The other reason is because guessed it, fear of rejection. Dun, dun duuuuuuuun! What if no one comes? Well, I've come to realize that if I host an event and no one shows up, I would have gotten the same outcome if I didn't host the event at all. The only difference is that I actually tried. Better to try and fail than to regret not trying at all. 

Well, I think that's enough of me spilling my guts today. If you are interested in my Limited Edition Springtime Fun Sessions, please click here for more information and to schedule your desired time. Spots are limited, so you should grab one quick. What's even better? If you know of someone who may be interested in one of these sessions, send them the link to this blog or to the limited edition session page. No need to keep all of this wonderful material to yourself! Spread the love, but be responsible!


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