My Mother-in-Law Cometh

May 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Soooooooo, my mother-in-law came for a visit last week. Actually, my husband bought her a ticket so that she could attend our son's 6th grade promotion. No, it's not a's a promotion. Technically, children graduate from elementary school in the 5th grade, but my son's magnet school goes from the 4th to the 6th grades. This means that elementary school is mixed in with middle school and there was no graduation for him to go to the 6th grade. I'm actually quite cool with that. When I was growing up, we didn't even have middle school here in Georgia or what some people know as junior high school. We had elementary school that went from kindergarten to 7th grade. Ok, here's a fun fact for you. I actually graduated from elementary school twice. Whenever I tell people this they always look give me this "head cocked to the side" puzzled look with a side of bemusement. As I stated before, in Georgia we graduated from the 7th grade. After my 7th grade graduation, we moved back to Cleveland where I attended Catholic school (no, I'm not Catholic) and we graduated from the 8th grade. So there you have it, I graduated from elementary school twice.

Anywho, getting back to my story. I wasn't really expecting her to come for the ceremony considering she lives in Boston and it was just a promotion, but my husband surprised both of us with a ticket for her. She was thrilled! It has been a minute since I have seen her, so I was looking forward to it. Yes, I have a very good relationship with my mother-in-law. I feel terrible when I hear about other women who can't stand their mothers-in-law or vice-versa. No matter what they do, their mothers-in-law are not happy. I suppose it's because the mother feels those women stole her little boy from her. Or perhaps she doesn't feel that woman is right for her son. Or maybe, she just thinks the woman is sketchy. Lastly, she's just a hateful, jealous woman who believes the no woman is good enough for her son. Whatever it is, I haven't nor do I expect to feel any of that.

I remember when I first met Mavis. My husband and I were still dating when he took me to Boston for their family reunion. We weren't even engaged at the time, so him taking me to meet his mother and other family members during a family reunion said a whole lot. She was very gracious and kind, but made sure that at night, I slept in one room and Steve slept in another. I found that quite funny, yet endearing considering we were living in sin back home. No matter, we were in her house and we followed her rules. The last night of the family reunion there was a family portrait being taken. Steve tried to get me to get in the picture, but his mother said no because she didn't want me int he picture just in case I didn't last. How funny is that? Well, one of my sisters-in-law ended up divorcing her husband some time after the family reunion and now they are stuck with a family picture the includes him. Whatever...

The fact that she didn't think it was a good idea for me to be in the picture did make since to me. I was just his girlfriend after all and that does not always translate into longevity. Heck, marriage doesn't always translate into longevity, but at least it's a step in the right direction. I think my most memorable time with Mavis was the day before our wedding. She was sitting on our couch when I walked into the living room. I sat next to her and she said something to the effect of "I just want to welcome you into our family and I love you." She then gave me a really big hug. How sweet is that? There was no pretense behind it. No snark. She was quite warm and genuine and I accepted all of it. 

Mavis is a lovely woman who raised a wonderful son. She is opinionated, funny, honest and doesn't play favorites. Case in point: my husband and I were having a discussion and she took my side. She listened to both of us and determined that I was the one making more sense. How 'bout that? Sometimes she will call me just to chat or I'll call her. It's nice knowing that I have 3 moms, one of which is my stepmother.

Although Mavis is set in her ways, it's ok She can still be fair-minded and a good listener. What I do find funny is that there are several habits that I have seen her exhibit that my husband also exhibits. That just made me think that children pick up so much from their parents. I already see that in my son. He'll do or say something that I do or say. All I can do is roll my eyes and say "That is so me!" At any rate, I truly enjoyed having my mother-in-law here for those 6 days, as did my husband and my son. It was a nice break from our monotony and a breath of fresh air. I look forward to our next visit as well. 



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