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June 07, 2017  •  1 Comment

Do you have remarkable friends or know remarkable people? Well I do. One such person is my friend and honorary lil' sis, Chanel Jaali. I met Chanel years ago through a mutual friend. At the time I had started working on a book (yet to be finished or released) about the stories of women and the journey with their natural hair. Anyway, during that session we got to know one another and became rather close. I love her spirit, her openness, her honesty and her bravery. She is talented, gorgeous, loving and filled with positivity. She is definitely a bright light in this world, with an even brighter future. Oh, pardon my gushing, but I just can't help it. She is all of the things I listed and more and I couldn't be more proud of her nor could I be more honored to be her big sis.

Now that I have told you about the marvelous creator of the "Glow" Photo Series, I can tell you about the series itself. Let's start with the basics. All subjects in the series are black (African-American if you prefer), women. Each series has a special color and location.  The colors provide a bit of cohesion and togetherness. You might even say a oneness. I just love symbolism! Anyway, when I asked Chanel why she wanted to start this series, here is what she told me: "I really wanted to display the cohesiveness and sisterhood and the beauty that naturally exists in Black and Brown women. It's a way to put more positivity into the world." She also states that she wants to display the "glow" of Black and Brown women.

For the longest time only one type of beauty has been praised, but beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and shades. Beauty is meant to be appreciated, not stereotyped or relegated to certain groups. And sometimes the beauty that has been pushed aside decides that it is its time to shine. If others won't celebrate you, celebrate yourself. By the way, when I say beauty, I mean inner and outer beauty. 

I was so honored to have Chanel invite me to be a co-shooter with her. So below are some of the images that I captured. Unfortunately I was unable to capture individual portraits of all of the women because of the rain, but I am very happy about what I did capture. Below are a few of the images that I captured, sans rain.

Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit Glow Photo Series_MG_5215-Edit

One last thing, if you are interested in following Chanel's "Glow" Portrait series, she can be found on Instagram as @glowphotoseries. Oh, you can also follow Chanel on Instagram as @famousj. She hand-knits some marvelous creations that you should really check out. I did say she was talented and that's just one of her many talents. Thank you to Chanel and all of the lovely women I met and photographed!


Chanel Jaali Marshall(non-registered)
Thank you SOOOOO much for shooting this with me! You captured some awesome shots! Even though the rain came, it was still a great time. I appreciate your kind words, energy, and love!
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