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Earlier this week I had the pleasure of delivering a portrait book to one of my long-time clients. She has been with me for going on six years. I absolutely adore her, her mother and her daughter. She is so much fun and boy does she have a good sense of humor. Whenever I see her, whether it's for a session or the delivery of her order, I know I will be there for a while because we always have a lot to talk about. To be honest, it's like visiting an old friend, which after 6 years, I guess we are!

Over the years she has placed orders for party invitations, various prints and even a 40x60 collage on canvas. But I think my favorite order was my portrait Storybook. As I'm sure I have stated before, I just love telling people's stories and I love doing it with a portrait book. Don't get me wrong, I love large wall collages as well, but to be honest, there are only so many images that I can fit on it. In a portrait book, I can fit many images. The largest portrait book I offer, the Story Album, can fit all of the images from a session if you so desire. You can also include images from previous sessions to tell a story that may span months or years. The Storybook that I delivered this week spanned sessions that we've had over the last 5 years. Below are a few of the images of the Storybook.

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In case you're wondering, I offer three sizes: 5x5, also known as the Brag Book; 8x8, known as the Storybook and 10x10, known as the Story Album. They are all high-quality portrait books with a variety of cover options and the choice of page thickness. No two albums are alike because they are all hand-designed by me. Each portrait book tells its own story and cannot be duplicated.

So if you're looking for a great way to tell your story, I think that portrait books are the way to go. To me, they are best at showcasing Before and After sessions, My First Year sessions or multiple sessions you've had with me. They are also great for any other session you can think of. Even though I love the wall art that I create, they aren't portable like the portrait books. Here are mother and daughter showing off their new Storybook!

I would love to read what you think! If you have a moment, just drop me a line and tell me how you feel about portrait books and tell me why. Don't be shy! I'm interested and others might be too. Anyway, thanks for reading and if this has enticed you to talk to me about booking a session, then woohoo for me! You can click here to send an email directly to me. Of if you would like a more personal touch, I can also be reached at 404-784-3008. Don't forget about my August Special that's going on too! Yes, I am trying to entice you even more! You can find out more about it here

Thank you again for reading and enjoy the rest of your week! Oh and don't forget to share! Sharing is caring unless it's an STD or the can keep that.



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