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Yes, I know it's spring but I just realized that I didn't write a blog about one of my sessions last year. Last November to be exact. It was a few weeks from being officially winter when I had this session. I met sweet Anjli back in 2016 or 2017 at a blessing ceremony for the Atlanta Birth Center. Sorry I can't remember the year exactly, but time seems to run together for me for some reason. I'm doing well to remember my own birthday sometimes. Anyway, there was a blessing ceremony at the Atlanta Birth Center to prepare it for services expectant parents during the birth process. It's a community filled with wonderful caregivers, doctors, nurses, midwives and doulas. If you'd like to learn more about the Atlanta Birth center, you can check out their website here.

When I first went to the facility, I was thoroughly impressed. It is a beautiful, welcoming space. It was so calming and peaceful. I could see many pregnant women wanting to give birth there. And not only was the atmosphere exquisite, so were the people and Anjli was one of them. Actually, Anjli is one of the founders and the executive director of the Atlanta Birth Center, also known as ABC. She is a very passionate advocate for empowered childbirth and feels that all laboring women should have a supportive team behind her to help her have the type of birth experience she deserves. 

Even though I got a chance to meet her at the blessing ceremony we didn't have a chance to really, really talk. She had so many guests to attend to and thank for coming, so of course I couldn't monopolize her time. Fast forward to last year. An opportunity came up that allowed me to get involved with ABC. They were having a fundraising gala and needed, not only donations but items to auction off. That is something that I could definitely get behind. So I contacted ABC to offer a gift certificate for photography. They were so gracious and appreciative and I felt wonderful for being able to help support such a wonderful organization.

After the gala was over (which was quite successful) Anjli contacted me to let me know that she is the one who bid on the gift certificate! I felt truly honored that she would do that. She said it gave her a chance to contribute to ABC as well. From there, we talked about the type of session she wanted and the location for the session. Since I'm not really familiar with Duluth, she provided suggestions. I even got suggestions from a few of my photog friends. Since their last family session was at McDaniel Farm Park, we decided to go to Rogers Bridge Park. I arrived earlier than they did, so I decided to walk around and check out the area. There were plenty of ducks and geese, so of course I photographed them, along with the Chattahoochee river as well. When they arrived they were like a breath of fresh air. She arrived with her husband, father-in-law and three-year-old son. 

Initially I was a little worried about photographing outside so late in the evening in the fall. You know how the sun likes to set a bit early. Well, after seeing the beautiful light that the setting sun was emitting, I worried no more. Below are a few images from the session. Thes are images from the very beginning of the session. I try to start out easy so they can get comfortable with me and in front of my camera. 

atlanta family portraits atlanta family portraits atlanta family portraits

I believe Anjli's husband was quite comfortable because he used to be a model. The way their son follows direction and is comfortable in front of the camera makes me think he might end up being a model too. Plus, he's as cute as the dickens!

atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer

Just look at this gorgeous November light!

atlanta portrait photographer atlanta portrait photographer atlanta portrait photographer

atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer

I truly enjoyed photographing them and I hope it shows. I believe they had fun too. As the session was winding down, we decided to have a little extra fun.

atlanta family photography atlanta family photography atlanta family photography atlanta family photography

As one photographer said, "Don't pack up your gear until you've left the location." Had I packed up early, I would have missed these shots.

atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer atlanta family photographer

I hope you've enjoyed viewing this session. Don't you think it's about time for you to schedule your own session? If not, I'm sure you have friends who would like to. Don't be a meany...share because sharing is caring. Well, unless you're talking about the flu or genital warts. That's not caring at all. 


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