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How many of you have come to the conclusion that it's difficult to make friends once you become an adult? And what makes it extra difficult is when you are an entrepreneur with no employees. If you don't get out of your office you will never meet anyone! Well, that's me. The times I have gotten out it was because I had to take my son somewhere. While waiting for him to finish his activity I would invariably meet another parent and we would start chatting. Usually, we would get along famously and exchange contact information. That's when I would realize we had a problem. They usually lived way on the other side of town. How can I hang out with you when we have to drive 40 or 50 minutes just to meet? It was such a bummer for me. I sometimes feel like a recluse, but I continue to try to get out when I don't have any clients or client work.

Since I've been on Instagram, I have made many new friends. There are some of the most fantastic people on Instagram! And because it's my nature, I have to meet said fantastic people in person. Is that weird? Do you have the urge to meet people in person that you meet on social media? Gee, maybe I am lonely. My husband works from home too, but he usually stays on his side of the basement so we don't really interact. He actually deals with the public over the phone, so I can't just go start talking to him when I need to expend some verbal energy. Some of the fantastic people I have met live out of town/state, so that's usually a no-go depending on where they live. Then there are those who live here in Atlanta and actually have the time to meet me. The fact that they want to meet me as well is truly a comfort. I'd hate to feel like a stalker. 

So, the latest person I met via IG is Daphne of DRG Business Consulting. She is in a Facebook group with me and many other women. That's initially how I met her. It was all online. We would comment on each other's IG posts and have DM conversations. Then one day I suggested we meet for coffee, tea, whatever. I just felt like she was "my people." She accepted my offer and we began planning. I ended up having the same issue with her that I have with everyone else...she and I lived at opposite ends of the city. But we didn't let that stop us. To make it fair, we decided to meet in the middle so we met at the Grant Park Coffee House. It was a really quaint little coffee house across the street from Zoo Atlanta. I had a wonderful time just chatting it up with her and I would imagine she felt the same as well. We learned so much about each other and our prospective businesses.

During our conversation, I asked her if she would like to participate in my book about natural hair journeys and she said yes. At that point, we scheduled a time to discuss what to wear, where we were going to shoot and when. A few weeks later it was time to meet up again for the session. Guess where we met. You guessed it! The Grant Park Coffee House. We figured, why not? It had some really great scenery and the day was a great day for photographing outside. The only thing that was stopping us was a woman with three little girls who were playing wildly with a ball around the outdoor seating. Once they cleared out we had free reign of the patio. I photographed her in front of the shop, on the sidewalk, inside the shop. I wanted to make sure we used as much of the scenery as we could. 

One thing that happened while we were there is that a man came by and unlocked this gate behind Daphne in this image. atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7327-Edit

I thought the gate was there for decoration, but it turns out that this man has renovated two units upstairs and rents them out. We both wanted to see what they looked like and the man obliged. They were really nice units and I could see them being used for a girls weekend or something. Anyway, after our curiosity was satisfied, I captured a few more images of Daphne and then we had to part ways. I'm so excited that she is participating in my book project and I can't wait to share it with all of you! Here are just a few more images that I want to share. I'm not going to show you my favorites because those are going in the book.

atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7277-Edit atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7277-Edit atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7277-Edit atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7330-Edit atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7330-Edit atlanta portrait photographer_MG_7330-Edit

One last thing. Daphne and two other business coaches held the Fly CEO Challenge, which I participated in. It did  help me to form better morning and evening routines. I just have to make sure I stick to them. That's the really hard part. But during all of this I have determined that Daphne is definitely one of my people.



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