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Baby in a Box – Newborn Portraits

December 11, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

On the day before my birthday I got the best present.  I photographed a 6 week old newborn in a box. Ok, it was more of a square basket than a box, but “baby in a basket” sounds so regular.   Photographing babies is always a joy, but this session was special.

First of all a good friend of mine referred my new clients to me. It all started when she was pregnant. She was suppose to call for maternity portraits, but another friend of hers got to her first. My client had a friend who she said could provide her with maternity portraits, so she took her up on it.  I hate that I missed that opportunity, but hopefully there will be plenty more.  After Quitta had A.J. She decided she wanted to go with a different photographer, which happened to be me.   Yay me!

When I spoke Quitta over the phone and she made me feel like I had known her for years. She was and is so easy to talk to and laugh with that we probably talked longer than we needed to.  So a few days after our conversations we met in person for the complimentary consultation. I felt like I was talking to an old friend. We did discuss the session and they had plenty of questions, which I answered.

The session was scheduled for the following Saturday. As I started out towards their home for the session Quitta texted me to see if I could move the session back 30 minutes. That worked for me because I had to stop for gas and it would give me a little more time to set up. When I arrived I was greeted by Duchess and Crockett, their two shih tzus.  Quitta was a bit bothered that she and Alan weren’t ready when I arrived, but I told her in the ten years I’ve been a portrait photographer only one family has actually been ready when I arrived. To occupy our time I tried to assist her in figuring out what to wear.

Alan wasn’t there when I arrived.  He was taking care of something that had come up, but we kept busy until he returned.  After he arrived he took over trying to help her find something to wear as I finished setting up.  Now that everyone was ready I took a few shots and then A.J. decided he was hungry.   We stopped for a feeding and began again. We had quite a few stops and starts throughout the session, but that’s normal for a newborn session. Sometimes he would sleep, but most of the time he wouldn’t.  He’d be calm for a while and then decide he was tired of whatever we were doing, so we would do something else.

After going through this several times , along with feeding, I think we tired him out.  This is usually the plan when the babies won’t go to sleep.  This is also when the magic happens!  With this session I had two firsts. A.J. helped me christen my box!  He was the first baby I photographed in my box basket and it was so fulfilling!  I do not know who was more excited about it, me or Quitta.

The second first was that this session was the first to go over 3 hours.  Generally a newborn session can go on for a max of 3 hours because of the stops and starts. Normally I would have stopped but Quitta saw that A.J. was knocked out and wanted me to continue. Most parents would have been like “We’re good.  That was enough.”, but not Quitta.  Oh, she was definitely the opposite!  I took her cue and carried on and we both were so glad that I did!  Again, going beyond 3 hours is not normal. The issue was that A.J. was a very light sleeper. As soon as we thought he was sleep he’d wake up. No matter, I got some fabulous images and wanted to share a few with you. Enjoy!  I know I did!  By the way, there were so many other little stories within this session that I could have told, but then this blog would have been incredibly long.  Maybe I’ll do a part two at some point, but for now, enjoy the images.

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