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Not older, better | portrait photographer

November 18, 2015  •  1 Comment

Every year it rolls around. Same time every year. No, I'm not talking about holidays. I'm talking about our birthdays. Birthdays are truly a blessing. Every birthday signifies another year you were blessed to be on this earth and that's a wonderful thing. The more birthdays you've had, the more blessed you are. The more time you can spend with family and friends, the more time you can use to reach your goals and create new ones. I feel that the only people who don't age gracefully are those who fight against it with tooth and nail. 

To be honest I don't think that I have ever really tried to fight getting older...or should I say better. I remember when prior to turning 30, I was looking forward to it. I enjoyed my 20s, but there was a lot of drama during that time, which was a major downer. My 30s however were pretty great. I think during that time I figured out what I wanted or at the very least, what I didn't want. I found more of my self and felt more in control of my life. As I get older, I continue to bring out or develop, (it all depends on what you believe) parts of myself that I didn't think were there. For one, I was, and still am, a bit more comfortable in my skin. For some odd reason I used to be somewhat self-conscious for most, if not all of my childhood. Not sure why because my mom was my biggest and loudest cheerleader.  I did well in school and had plenty of friends, so not sure where that came from, but it's pretty much gone now. Now that I think about it, my self-esteem plummeted when I hit puberty. To put it quaintly, puberty was not very nice to me at all. Anyway, just like in my late 20s I looked forward to my 30s, in my 30s I looked forward to my 40s, which leads me to present day. 

Now that I'm securely in my 40s, I can honestly say I don't really care what people think. When I say that, I mean those who wish to spew ugliness for no other purpose than to degrade me or simply hurt my feelings. There is no place for that. Honest, helpful criticism is welcomed if the intent is towards improvement, unless that critique is not requested. That is a whole other matter. I think for the most part I have always been a positive person. I would prefer to be around happy, positive, drama-free people. If I want drama, I'll watch Scandal or How to Get Away with Murder. Other than that, you can keep it. I do, however, care what my clients think about the artwork I have created for them. That means the world to me.

Currently I am at the end of my 40s and am looking forward to being 50! What a milestone! I still have two years before that happens, but it's still exciting to me. I don't know about you, but I feel that I am getting better, not just older. Sure I feel my age at times when I exercise or run around with my son, but it doesn't stop me. In fact it pushes me to continue being active and being fit. Right now I'm very happy with my fitness. Can I run a marathon? Probably not, but I have no desire to do that either. Can I chase my son or dog around and play sports? Yes. The dog would be a bit harder, but since he's gotten older he doesn't want to run as much, so there's that. I also like how I look. For women, that can be a major achievement. The only exception is that I don't always like how I look in photographs. I still take them because I feel they are a very important part of the life that you make, especially if you have children. As they say, I take one for the team when asked. 

In addition to being in pretty good shape, I have come to realize that I have learned quite a bit in my 48 years. I'd like to believe that I have learned from my mistakes, but of course I still make some. I'm not perfect, just a bit wiser. I try to pass some of that wisdom down to my son. Sometimes I think it gets through and other times I know he will end up learning some lessons the hard way. Ah well, I can only do so much. 

You may think that I'm rushing things, always looking ahead to the next decade, but really I'm not. Since I have a young son, I am definitely not trying to rush things along. I think it's important to have something to look forward to. You can still live in the moment, but having something to look forward to that drives you. It's just like that dream vacation you've planned and you can hardly wait until it's here. When it gets here, you enjoy it and then it's over. After that, you need something else on the horizon to keep everything moving. Aging is not a curse. Embrace it and keep it moving. You have more things to think about than gray hair and wrinkles. 


One last thing, to commemorate the auspicious occasion that is my birthday, I took some head shots of myself. Not really. I actually took them because I recently cut my hair and I wanted a true representation of what I actually look like. I would hate to be one of those people who has their picture on their website or business card and the picture looks like their younger brother or sister. Anyway, below are the two images I selected. They both have a different feel about them, so I need some help in deciding which one would be best to represent me on my various social platforms. If you could, please comment on whether you like image 1 or 2. Thanks so much and have a fantastic week!

ayesha lakes of phoartgraphyuntitled-77 ayesha lakes of phoartgraphyuntitled-77



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