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Funky Little Divas | Sibling Portraits

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Currently I am in the middle of photographing clients for my model call.  In case you're wondering, I have model calls to try out new ideas that I have, as well as keep my skills sharp. No one wants to pay to be a guinea pig; therefore I offer a few complimentary sessions to try to bring my creative ideas to fruition. Sometimes the participants are new people I have never met and other times they are people I know. This session was with someone I know. She is an extremely close friend of one of my sisters and she has the most adorable little girls. Actually, my sister has many good friends that have adorable children and hopefully I will get a chance to photograph them as well.

At any rate, one of the ideas I had was little girls in tutus. Yes, I know this isn't original, but I just liked the idea of little girls at their girliest, wearing tutus. I mean, what little girl doesn't love a good tutu? And how fortuitous that their mother actually makes tutus? I have been wanting to photograph her daughters for a while because they are just so darn cute and she dresses them so stylishly. They are like her little living dolls. Dolls with attitude that is.

sibling photographysibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting

When I arrived for the session, my son helped me unload my truck. I don't normally take my son on portrait sessions, but since it was with someone I know and not a regular paid session I figured it was ok. She knows my son, besides I couldn't leave him home alone. He did help me with making a behind the scenes video of sorts, so that shows he can be useful even when he doesn't want to be. Anyway, as we were bringing in my equipment, Elle was busy peppering me with questions and telling me about her Pokemon hospital. Layla was having her hair done and Lauren was following behind Elle. They all were so excited. I just love the energy from happy children!

child sibling portraits, little girls in tutusAyesha Lakes child sibling portraits, little girls in tutusAyesha Lakes child sibling portraits, little girls in tutusAyesha Lakes

In case you don't know, I'm not much of a poser of children. I will pose children, but i prefer that they do what they do. I like to capture the real them. These girls were definitely being themselves and had some ideas of what they wanted to do. I felt like I was working with mini Tyras. They would hit these different poses each time my strobe flashed. It was all so "Next Top Model".  My goal as a photographer is to capture the essence of my clients. Children are usually the best subjects for this because they have no pretense. They are who they are and when you let them be themselves, that's when the magic happens. 

little sister portraitsAyesha Lakes

I had so much fun with the girls. They have so much personality, even little two year old Layla, who kept saying "Cocoooooo!" and then hitting a pose.

little girl posing in a tutu.Ayesha Lakes

From what her sisters said, that's some character on t.v. I think. It was adorable. As you can tell, these are not your normal little girl portraits and that's what I like about them. Throughout the session Layla was would say that her feet hurt, she had to poop, she was hungry or she was cold. Her mother told me that none of that was true. Basically she just likes to complain about stuff. I don't know about you, but I thought that was quite hilarious. What was even more hilarious was the breakdown of the session before their next outfit change. Not sure what was going on, but all I kept thinking about was "baby down! baby down!" You'll see what I mean in the images below.

outtake from children's portrait session.Ayesha Lakes sibling photographysibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting

Next came the fabulous fur and leopard prints. Yes, that's what I said, leopard prints. Evidently they love leopard prints. I was wondering if they were really little girls or shrunken down women. That was a question I had throughout the session. Of course the child side always emerged, so I was pretty confident that they were just little girls with grown up tastes. This part of the session was pretty short. I think they were ready to paint at this point. The breakdown in the session came a little sooner than the first one. The reason Layla is not in one of the portraits is because she just walked off the set. I guess that meant she was done.

sibling photographysibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting sibling photographysibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting

I couldn't help this one. Lauren's face so exclaimed this to me.

sibling photographysibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting

After the fashion show was over, the girls did some painting. But before that happened, my son decided he wanted a portrait session of his own while they were upstairs changing. I guess I should consider myself lucky since the majority of my photographer friends have children who hate being photographed by their parents. Well, since he was forced to accompany me, the least I could do was photograph him too.

Now that everyone had changed, they were ready to create their masterpieces. Everyone wanted their own canvas, well except Layla. She didn't seem to care. She would paint on anyone's canvas, but her sisters were having none of that. No problem because I had several paintbrushes and bottles of paint for everyone. Believe it or not, they really didn't make that much of a mess. The problem was when it came time for the girls to wash their hands. Layla thought it would be cute to put her hands on the wall. I'm sure you already know that her mom didn't think it was cute.

sibling photographysibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting

Since I had all of the girls together, I decided to take a portrait of them with their mother. Now that was interesting. I had to take several images because various things were happening. Either someone was making a face, not looking at the camera or having their eyes closed...on purpose. Elle thought it would be cute for them to pretend like they were sleeping. Little Layla took it seriously. There were several images where she had her eyes closed and seemed to enjoy doing so.  I explained to Nicole that when photographing groups, especially groups of children, I often have to take quite a few images of the same pose. Why? Because their is a great chance of someone not doing what they should be doing. I figure if I take a few shots everybody has to be doing the right thing in at least one of the portraits. Worse case scenario is that I would have to do head swaps for it to look right. Hey, it is what it is.

portrait of mother and 3 daughtersAyesha Lakes portrait of mother and 3 daughtersAyesha Lakes

At any rate, we had a great time and I captured some wonderful images. Why don't you tell me what you think? Better yet, contact me for your next portrait session. I would love to be your photographer. Oh, and tell your friends about my blog. I think they'll thank you for it.


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