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My most recent session was with a mother and daughter. It was a little different than what I normally do during a session because the mom wanted head shots for both her and her daughter, plus she wanted family portraits. Usually those are two different sessions because they yield different products with different price points, but I made it happen. Oh the things you can do when you're the boss!

Anyway, I started out to her home and traffic was pretty amendable. My problem was the GPS. Now they can be lifesavers, but they can also be a hassle. You ever have one of those friends who is just too specific about everything and it throws you off? Well that's how I feel about GPS sometimes. Why would you tell someone to make a slight right to keep going straight on a curved road? Really? This happened to me twice and I ended up going the wrong way and had to be rerouted. Ugh! Needless to say I made it there safely and in a timely fashion too.

I met Christine, the mom, and her adorable little daughter McKinley some time ago at a function at my best friend's house. She was a friend of my best friend's cousin. We hit is off and she and McKinley were so sweet. After she found out that I was a photographer and saw some of my work, she told me that she wanted me to take pictures of them. Of course I liked the sound of that. Well this weekend we were finally able to make that happen. 

When I arrived Christine met me outside so that I wouldn't be wondering around the complex trying to find her apartment. She had just gotten her hair done, so I didn't want her to be outside too long. I don't know if you know, but Georgia has crazy humidity and it does awful things to straightened hair. So I unpacked my gear and headed into the apartment. Sitting in a chair in the living room was McKinley. I said hello and asked if she remembered me. Will a serious look on her face she said "no". Well, she is 3 and it has been a minute since I had seen her. No problem. 

So I started setting up while Christine was redoing her hair. Unfortunately the humidity was winning the fight. After I was ready, I photographed McKinley first. She wasn't too into it. She wanted to play with her friend/cousin Brianna, who was an adorable 4 year old. To break the ice, I let them help me white balance my camera, test my lighting and let them hold some flowers I had brought as props. They were both eager to do so. After I took their picture I let them view it on the back of my camera. They oohed and aahed over it. From that point, it was pretty easy to get a few snaps of McKinley without her running off to play. Once I felt I had enough, I let her go have fun while I photographed her mother's head shots. I would show the age of McKinley and Brianna, but I don't have permission to show Brianna at this time since it was such an impromptu picture. Maybe next time.

Christine came out looking oh so glamorous. I really loved her outfit, especially her shoes. To be honest, I coveted her shoes! We both love Nine West and DSW! Unfortunately for me, she doesn't wear my size. Any who, I proceeded to take her portraits. She told me she needed direction, but it didn't seem like that to me. The only thing I did was position her towards the light and she did the rest, switching up poses and stances. I was like "Go 'head girl!" So I finished up with her and now it was time for her to have portraits made with McKinley. 

This was a challenge because McKinley didn't want to stop playing in order to have her portrait taken. Brianna was helpful in this aspect because she was more than happy to have her portrait taken. And if you know anything about children, they can usually prompt other children to do something the other children didn't want to do, just so they don't miss out. The first image McKinley was looking rather sad, but eventually she got into it. One thing she likes to do is twirl and roll on the floor. She told me those were her favorite things to do. Twirling was fine, but no rolling on the floor today. At times there were quick, unexpected hugs, the eating of gummy bears and some jumping around. Throughout all of that, I was actually able to capture some nice images. As I like to say, sometimes it's the child who ends the session, not me. When McKinley decided she had had enough and wanted to play, she just ran off. That's ok because Christine wanted to do some more head shots with a different outfit and different hairstyle. Below are a few images from the session.

How cute is that face?

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Just to get her to relax a little, I had to make her laugh. I love the genuine smile she gives and in this portrait, she actually kept her eyes open!

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After the session was over both little girls gave me a big hug. I just love that!




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