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It's Dad's Turn | Father's Day

May 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Moms aren't the only people who are awesome. Dads can be awesome too! That's why there's a Father's Day to go along with Mother's Day. Now it wouldn't be fair to just have a day for mothers, would it? Ok, maybe it doesn't have to be fair, but I think we should at least be nice.  Did you know that Father's Day was started in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington? Her mother had died during childbirth, so her father was tasked with taking care of 5 children and a newborn. From all accounts, he was a wonderful father and his daughter wanted to commemorate that. 

I know plenty of single moms who do a wonderful job raising their children. Heck, my mother was a single mom after my parents divorced. It's a hard job, but so worth it. There are plenty of single dads out there holding it down, but I don't think they get the accolades that women do. Even though I know children can be raised in a one parent household, I do believe that it is best to have both parents present. Of course you realize that I'm not counting deadbeat partners. They both have to be working toward the same goal of raising their children to be responsible, independent, kind, loving  and intelligent adults. I feel that both parents are able to provide the child(ren) with different perspectives that help to make them into complete people.  Being that I am a woman, I do not feel that I can teach my son how to be a man. I can teach him a lot of useful things, but being a man is not one of them. Everything I teach him will be from a woman's perspective, which is helpful, but not everything that he needs.

My parents divorced when I was rather young, so I didn't get the full benefit of having a father around. There wasn't any modeling of relationship behavior, so I learned about relationships by watching tv and trial and error. Fortunately I watched shows like The Cosby Show, The Brady Bunch and A Different World. When I was real young, I watch Leave It To Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show. I suppose it's a good start, but it wasn't the real thing. Luckily I learned from my mistakes and now I have a long-lasting loving relationship with my husband of almost 17 years, but it took a lot of frogs to get here.

​Growing up, my dad and I weren't very close. It's not that he was a bad father or I didn't love him, because I did. From what I've ascertained, my father's parents were rather old when they had him. Plus he was an only child and spent a lot of time with older church people. Because of this, he wasn't and still isn't that good with really young children. To his credit, he's gotten a little better, but it doesn't come naturally to him.

He used to ask me existential questions when I was 5 and to avoid those questions I would just leave the room when he entered. He really thought I didn't like him. I did like him, he just made me uncomfortable. Now, he and I are really close. We restarted our relationship when I was in college. Once I became an adult I realized that my dad could ask me anything and it was ok to say "I don't know" or "I've never thought about it." 

My dad is not perfect, but neither am I. In fact, I'm like my dad in a myriad of ways. It's really quite funny. I've spent most of my young life with my mom, but I act like my dad. I'm sure that has driven her crazy over the years. Anyway, getting back to the necessity of a father. in the case of the father being a no show or whatever, I do believe it's important for the child(ren) to have a father figure. Even though there are plenty of women who say they can do it by themselves, why? Why do it by yourself it you don't have to? As they say, it takes a village to raise a child. Use the village. Let's celebrate those wonderful fathers and father figures who are in our children's lives. My heart simply melts when I see a father doting on their son(s) or daughter(s). It's the most precious thing. 

Again, we moms are awesome, but there are some awesome dads too. Check out a few that I actually know.

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