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A honey of a session | atlanta portrait photographer

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Recently I had the chance to photograph a wonderful couple way up in Clarksville, Georgia. In case you don't realize how far that is from me, it took me approximately one and a half hours to get there. Your next question may be, "How did they find you?" Well, my high school FBLA teacher (we reconnected on Facebook) was involved with an organization that needed items for their silent auction. So I donated a session and a print product to help them raise money. This was last year. 

My ex-teacher told me who won the bid and that she'd be calling me. Neither of us knew that it would take her almost a year to do so, but that's ok. When she finally called me I was delighted to speak with her. She was so sweet and easy to talk to. We hit if off immediately. We scheduled the day and it was on. 

When we talked initially she told me she was the largest employer in Georgia. She said she had 9 million employees. Do you know what she does? She is a master beekeeper and her employees make honey for Mtn Honey. If you love honey, you can check them out here. As I stated previously, it was a long drive but a beautiful day so that wasn't a problem. As I was looking for the address I came upon this one house where I couldn't see the house number. I knew this was the house as there was bee paraphernalia and honey/bee puns everywhere. I parked and rang the doorbell and was greeted warmly by Virginia. She welcomed me in and introduced me to her husband Carl. We briefly discussed how the day would go and she gave me a tour of the groudnds and the sugar house where they harvest the honey for packaging. She had me put on a beekeeper jacket because she wanted to make sure that I didn't get stung. Amazingly enough, the hood was not difficult to photograph through.  Below are a few images with the bees.

As with all my sessions I talk with my clients the entire time. Since the session was at 11 in the morning the sun was starting to get high in the sky, so there was a little squinting involved. We worked it out, though. I even got in on the action. They asked me if I wanted a picture with the bees. Of course I did! Now had they been spiders then that would have been a big no. Virginia was nice enough to take pictures of me to capture the moment. Not sure when I'd have this opportunity again. So, what do you think?

Virginia told me that I was holding about 1,000 bees. How cool is that? I told my son about it and he asked if I was scared. Nope! Anyway, we finished up with the bees and headed back to the house so Virginia could change her clothes. I took a few more images of then in the front of the house. Carl and Virginia were such a cute couple. During the session I found out they had been married for 19 years. Even after all that time they were still very close and Carl is a flirt. I really enjoyed photographing them and they were a joy to meet. As she told me when I was leaving "Have a honey of a day!" I then responded, "You are so sweet!" Yes, there were honey and bee puns then entire session! 

Fun fact: It takes 2 million flowers for bees to make 1 pound of honey. 


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