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Does style matter? | atlanta portrait photographer

November 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

What is style? The dictionary defines style as "a manner of doing something." That something could be anything. It could be the way you do your hair, the clothes you wear, even the way a photographer creates images. Regardless of what it is, we all have our own way of doing things. We photographers have our own styles and they're not just relegated to the genre of subjects we photograph. It is how we photograph those subjects. Our perspective on those subjects. One of the worst things you can ask a photographer is "Could you photograph me just like photographer XYZ." That's not how it works. Our styles are innate. They usually mimic what we like. I for one photograph what I like and how I like to see it.

One of my favorite quotes is "Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like." And that is how I approach my photography. I can just feel when the right moment is there. I show you exactly how I feel in that fraction of a second. There are different things that elicit various feelings. It could be my client's expression or what they are wearing. It could be the location that we are in or the energy they are giving off. Many photographers that I know plan their shots prior to the session. I tried planning my shots but usually ended up abandoning those plans because a better idea popped into my head during the session. When I'm being creative, my heart works much better than my brain. It's just how I'm wired. So when I say I don't have the slightest idea how the session will proceed, I am being honest. I let the session unfold naturally and I let myself become inspired. Now there are those times when a client has told me during the consultation that she/he wanted a particular shot and that would be the only one that is actually planned.

When you look at my images, I hope you can see the beauty and uniqueness of each subject. I hope you can feel what I felt in the moment that I released the shutter or at least feel some type of way about the image. I spent so much time working jobs that I didn't absolutely love that I don't want to spend another second doing that, which reminds me of another favorite quote: "Shoot what you love." During my sessions well all have fun. Invariably I will have someone in front of my camera who doesn't want to be there. My remedy is to help them have as much fun as I am. Usually, it's the dads who aren't as into the session. So I'll talk to them, crack jokes and only photograph them for the shots I need them in. After that, they are free to go do whatever their little hearts desire. If I remember correctly, all of the unwilling men told me that it really wasn't that bad and that they even enjoyed it once we were done. To me, that is high praise.

If I were forced to describe my particular style, I would say that it's modern yet classic, fun yet dramatic, colorful, and artistic. Do I use all of these elements in each image? No, but again, it comes down to how that particular moment in time with my clients and the location inspires me. Look at the images below and tell me what you see.

atlanta child photographerRory-1 atlanta child photographernuri-27 atlanta maternity photographermaternity-68

So, if you're attracted to my work, then you probably like my style. I guess that makes us style buddies of sorts. I would love to read how you would describe my style. It's always so interesting to hear/read other people's perspectives. Also, if you want to book a session or know someone who does, just click here to get the ball rolling. I would love to be your photographer!


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