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A new addition | atlanta newborn photography

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 A few weeks ago I photographed a family newborn session for a beautiful family. It was Michael, Aviva, and Ari. When Aviva contacted me she stated that she had been meaning to call me for a while, but you know how life happens. So when she did call me I believe Ari was about 7 weeks old. Yes, he was past my desirable threshold of 6 to 10 days, but that threshold isn't a line in the sand. Basically, it's there to let new parents know what is the best time to have their baby photographed to ensure that the baby can be all nice and curly. After that timeframe, I can't guarantee nice and curly, but I can guarantee a whole lot of cuteness.

Anyway, I arrived at their home and was greeted by their dog Violet. Aviva had already warned me about her barking so she made sure to give her treats to let her know it was okay for me to be there. Violet barked when I rang the doorbell and maybe a second or two after I entered and after that she was fine. It seemed that we had become fast friends. Well, that's until I had to leave the house again to bring my equipment in. After that, it took her a while to settle down. Just so you know, she really is a sweet dog. She was just doing what all good dogs do which is protecting their people.

When I met Michael he was holding Ari and complaining about Ari's stinky farts. Fortunately, I was unable to smell them. {insert smiley face}. After we had all met, I set up my equipment and was ready to go. Ari was a little fussy that day so we took a few breaks here and there. We figured out why he was fussy. His poor little tummy was upset. I do believe he had to have his diaper changed about 3 times while I was there and one of those times was a blowout! Yes, I missed that too. {insert another smile}. 

One of my favorite things to do during a session is to talk with my clients and learn about them. To be honest I have many favorite things about my sessions. It's kind of like when my son was eight and he had three best friends. I can't choose just one thing! Moving on...during our talks I learned some very interesting things. For instance, even though Aviva and Michael ran in the same circles and attended the same events they had never met. This was evidently over a period of years. The funniest thing is that Michael, being a lighting technician was actually hired to do the lights for Aviva's first wedding. When they told me that my mind was blown. How incredibly crazy is that? 

Since Ari wouldn't go to sleep, I decided to take some images of Michael playing with him. It was the most adorable thing! And the faces that Michael made just made me giggle. Check it out for yourself.

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6810-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6810-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6810-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6810-Edit

Michael seemed to be having a ball and I wanted to make sure that I captured all of it. Next was Aviva's turn. She wasn't quite as animated, but it was just as lovely all the same. 

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6824-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6824-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6824-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6824-Edit

He was still awake and kicking, so we decided to try family portraits. 

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6842-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6842-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6842-Edit

Then I thought it would be cool if Violet joined in the family portrait. Let's just say that it sounded a lot cooler than it actually was. To say that Violet was a little uncomfortable would be an understatement.

_MG_6854-Edit_MG_6854-Edit _MG_6856-Edit_MG_6856-Edit _MG_6858-Edit_MG_6858-Edit

These were the best ones with her in them. There were some images where she was lying on her back and all you saw was her belly and paws. Definitely not a good look. Funny, but no. As you can see from little Ari's face, he was not having any of this. So we took another break and he may have had to be changed again. This time he actually went to sleep. How exciting! I wrapped him in some cheesecloth and kept his onesie and diaper on. When Aviva and I were discussing the session over the phone, I had mentioned Ari being naked. She then told me that that probably wasn't a good idea because he would definitely poop. So wrapping him up was the way to go.

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6868-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6868-Edit atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6868-Edit

Being that Ari was eight weeks old he had grown since he was born. In fact, he had grown so much that he was too big for my round basket. Luckily Aviva had another basket that I could use. As you can see, he was pushing the boundaries of that basket too. By the way, him sleeping in the basket was shortlived. At this time I felt we would be able to get away with a creative shot that I love doing. I figured that since his dad would be holding him that he would remain calm.

atlanta newborn photographer_MG_6884-Edit

He started getting a little fussy, but we successfully made it through. The image below is a candid image I captured of Michael and Ari. He had just finished feeding him and I just thought they looked really cute. 

atlanta newborn photography _MG_6882-Edit

The last thing they wanted to try was wearing the special sweatshirts that they had made for their wedding. The only thing is that Ari did not want to all. The image prior to this was one of Ari thowing his head back and bawling. He was just tired and he definitely let us know.


It really would have been cute to pull this off, but Ari just was not having it. I may just photograph him. Who knows. All I know is that Michael and Aviva love pizza so much that they had the #pizzawedding. The only thing they love more than pizza are each other is Ari.




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