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Holiday pajama party | atlanta child photographer

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The holidays are here and what better way to commemorate it than with family portraits. I have clients whom I photograph their holiday portraits every year. Now I can add my sister to my list of clients. It all began last year with this session. We always have a wonderful time during the session and there is always lots of laughter. Between my sister and her three hilarious children, you know there will always be laughter and so much energy.

This year was no different. Last year they wore festive sweaters, each with their own clever statements that were applicable to each person's personality. This year they wore matching pajamas! Not just any ole pajamas, but the footie kind! How cute is that? I can always depend on my sister to bring the creativity. I love designing their holiday cards too! Sometimes the most difficult part is culling the images down for the holiday card. 

During the session, the boys were as rambunctious as ever. Between jumping around, diving and dancing I was being thoroughly entertained while I set up. And my niece Taylor was busy giving me her best Tyra Banks impersonation and duck lips, which completely cracked her up.

atlanta family holiday portraits atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6585-Edit

I love lots of laughter during the session. When my clients have as much fun as I do then I know it's a good session. One particular episode was when my nephew Caruso decided to show us the yoga poses he learned in Yoga Club. I didn't even know they had Yoga Club in elementary school. Well, I didn't know they had Yoga Club in any school. By the way, I do believe he is in just about every club that his school has and he's running for SGA president. Just so you know, he wants to be a lawyer when he gets older and one of his monikers is "El Presidente". 

atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6591-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6591-Edit

Often times I let the children do their own thing. Sometimes they know what they want to do and other times they need a little nudge. With my nephew Roman, I asked him to do his superhero pose and he jumped right into it. It was great! This other image I like to refer to as his "Zoolander" look. To be honest, I don't know what the heck he was doing, but I thought it was amusing so I captured it.

atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6544-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6608-Edit

Now he did have an issue with smiling at one point, so I promptly tickled him and that seemed to do the trick. As I've learned through the years, children don't necessarily know how to smile so laughing is the best way to get a natural smile. 

atlanta holiday family portraits_MG_6546-Edit-2 atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6552-Edit-2

As I said about my niece, Taylor, she was killing those duck lips. Evidently she's bringing them back.

atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6612-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6612-Edit

Since I was photographing famliy, I figured my son would like to come along so that he could see his cousins and his aunt. Of course I put him to work. He made a video for me, which was a little dark and a lot crazy. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen it. What the heck, it's not professional, but you can tell it's the work of a bored 12 year old.

He did however enjoy visiting with them, just not helping me setup my backdrop and such. After the session was over he and his cousin Taylor put either shorts or underwear over Roman's head so he couldn't see. That got a serious giggle storm going and Roman escalated it by walking around with his arms out saying "I can't see! I can't see!" in this semi-hysterical and extremely dramatic voice. 

Anyway, it was a wonderful session and I'm glad that my sister asked me to photograph them again this year. This is definitely one tradition I am totally here for. Below are some of my favorites.

atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6557-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6557-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6557-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6557-Edit atlanta family holiday portraits_MG_6557-Edit



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