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Last session of the season

December 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, it finally came. The last session of the season. It's a rather bittersweet time for me because I enjoy photographing people, but I have to have a stopping point to plan for all of the people I will photograph next year. Yes, even people who love what they do need to take a break from that thing they love to plan to do the thing they love even more! The best thing about this last session is that it was with one of my most favorite families! I just love them! It turns out that I have been photographing them since 2010! Wow! In that time I have seen their children grow and a (not so) new addition to their family. It has been such a blessing for me to be involved and to feel so included. Out of these seven years, only one year I didn't get a chance to photograph them. Belinda had a friend who was a photographer and she wanted to do Belinda's annual family Christmas card. She explained it all to me and I was like, sure. Believe me, it was fine. This was her friend and she wanted to support her friend. I'm all about that, so I didn't mind. Was I sad? Yes, I was, but it's because I cherish the time I get to hang out with them and photograph them. 

Fortunately, it was only that one year that I missed. After that, we've been able to get together for our annual ritual of picture taking! Since my son is now in middle school he has a lot more on his schedule these days, which sometimes shortens my days. Because of his schedule and Belinda's schedule and life in general, I had to squeeze Belinda and her family in. The session also was a little shorter than usual because of the time crunch, but she was willing to do it. Not only was my schedule filled, but hers was as well. Plus she had to wrangle the schedules of everyone in the household. Now that's a major feat right there. Kudos to her for pulling it off. Amidst all the busy schedules, they had just moved into a new house. That was another reason for limited scheduling options. Anyway, the important thing is that we were able to make it happen once again. The only other difference is that they will be sending out New Year's cards instead of Christmas cards. Ah well, such is life. Below are a few images from the sessions. As I've said before, their sessions are often very entertaining. I really should make a video so you all can see how much fun we have.

By the way, it was rather cold that day, so I must applaud little Livy for braving the cold as well as she did, even if she was a little extra at times.

atlanta family portraits_MG_7022 atlanta family portraits_MG_7022 atlanta family portraits_MG_7022

For a change of scenery, we decided to move to the front of the house. Livy was in (not-so) rare form again. And she wasn't alone.

_MG_7029-Edit_MG_7029-Edit _MG_7031-Edit_MG_7031-Edit

If I hadn't shown you the first image above, you never would have known. Below are the images with the kids being the kids with their mom.

_MG_7036-Edit_MG_7036-Edit _MG_7037-Edit_MG_7037-Edit _MG_7043-Edit_MG_7043-Edit _MG_7045_MG_7045 _MG_7041_MG_7041 _MG_7042_MG_7042

And last but not least, the parents always need images without the kids. I mean, they were regular people before they became parents, right?

_MG_7027_MG_7027 _MG_7028_MG_7028

Well, that wraps up my year. I couldn't have selected a better family to end it with. Now I think I need to photograph my family. It has been a few years since our last session. Okay, something else I have to plan. For all those who are reading this, thank you so much! I know you could have spent those few minutes doing something else, but instead, you diligently read all that I had typed and I truly appreciate that. I do hope you enjoyed it and I will try to keep it interesting/entertaining or make it more so in the coming year. I'm not the best writer, so I guess that's why I'm a photographer. I let my images tell the story. Since this is my last blog of the year, have a very happy new year and I wish you all nothing but peace, prosperity, joy and a whole lot of love! Dueces!






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