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Introducing, Gabby! | atlanta portrait photographer

September 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My latest session was with a sweet 17 year old named Gabby. I met Gabby this summer. She ran with the same track club my son ran with, Sapphire Track Club. Because I lived so close to her and it was on my way, I would pick her and her sister up and take them to practice with my son. On the way there Gabby will tell me about her day and she was always so cheerful. She would also smell really good and act like an air freshener for my car, which was an added bonus. She and her sister are so mannerable, polite and sweet as honey. They were also very candid about their daily activities and lives in general. It was so refreshing talking to them.

So getting back to the session...since Gabby was so sweet and we already had a rapport, I thought she'd be a great person to be a model for me. We actually communicated via text messages to see what she was going to wear. I wanted her to be comfortable and be herself. She's so bubbly and cute that I knew she'd pick something cute. When my photo assistant and I picked her up she came bounding out of her home with a big smile on her face. We drove to the first location, which was the Village of Stone Mountain. I had her sit on the steps of the gazebo and on the bench next to it.

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-1 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-1 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-1 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-1

Okay, I thought I'd throw in a couple of images of me actually working. I didn't realize that my assistant, Jailan had taken these.

atlanta portrait photographer atlanta portrait photographer

I love photographing in the Village because it has such character. There are so many spots to choose from. Like this one, which is my favorite.

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-6 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-6

And this one.

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-10

Sometimes the only problem is waiting for the cars to stop driving by. I had to have my assistant watch out for cars to make sure Gabby and I didn't get hit by one. I bet you didn't know that photography could be dangerous. 

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-5

The last location we photographed in was at the park in the village. I love the fence line and this cute little mural, as well as the trolley car.

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-11 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-19 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-19

The funny thing about all of this is that Gabby was telling me that she felt awkward in front of the camera. I totally understand because even though I am a photographer, I too feel awkward in front of the camera. Being able to relate to my clients has helped me immensely, plus it puts them at ease. The best way, in my opinion, to put them at ease is to make them laugh. I crack jokes and talk to my clients so that they forget that it's a portrait session and just consider it a conversation. Many times Gabby would give me some serious face, like so...

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-2

and then break up laughing. Sometimes it would be something I said. Other times I think she would get slightly embarrassed. No matter which it was, I found it adorable. She told me that she wasn't nervous anymore and just had fun with it.

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-1

After we finished up at the Village, we drove over to Stone Mountain Park. Another one of my favorite places to photograph. It was a Saturday evening, so it was quite busy. I forgot all about the people that might be in attendance of the laser show, but oh well. Fortunately, our wait to get in wasn't too long. I was a little disappointed that my favorite spot was taken up by people having a picnic around it. I mean there were about 3 or 4 separate groups just hanging out. Luckily I had a backup plan and another area. There were people there, but not like my fav spot. The Grist Mill was our last main stop. I had to photograph around people who were fishing from the walkway. No matter, we made it work. So on the way back to the car, we made a few stops on the steps. By the way, the light was beautiful! I don't normally photograph this late in the evening, but I may have to change that!

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-12 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-12 atlanta portrait photographer

The last stop was the track of her high school. By this time we were really pushing it for daylight. I didn't get what I wanted, but something is better than nothing. Sometimes you just have to be extra creative to make it work.

atlanta portrait photographerGabby-16 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-16 atlanta portrait photographerGabby-16

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed photographing Gabby. She's a beautiful person, inside and out and it was totally my pleasure getting to know her. If you'd like an experience and beautiful portraits like Gabby, just give me a call, send me an email or even a text. I would love to photograph you as well!


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