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Community over competition | atlanta child photographer

March 07, 2018  •  1 Comment

This past Sunday I had the honor and privilege of photographing with a great group of women. I belong to a Facebook group called Queen Photographers of Georgia. This group is a special space for us photographers to top shop and life. It's like a virtual meeting with your homegirls and besties. It functions as a sisterhood that provides support, inspiration, ideas, information, varying degrees of assistance and camaraderie. Perhaps there is a project that someone is working on or they just started in photography and they want a critique. The sisterhood is there to help put them on the right path to betterment or enlightenment. I love this group of ladies. The only thing better than being in the group is actually meeting and being with them in person.

So, this last meet up that we had was for a headshot swap. Try saying that five times fast. Being that I do not like being in front of the camera, I usually capture my own headshots. This is not necessarily an easy task. If I don't have my son there assisting me with focusing, it's basically a trial and error type of thing. The current headshots I use on my social media accounts are those that I have taken myself. It was just me and my trusty camera timer. I like images, but one is almost 3 years old and the other is almost 2 years old. To be honest, I could continue to use them. The only thing that is different is my hair. I cut it recently and am about to get it cut even shorter. My main focus wasn't having my headshots taken but being able to hang out with these wonderful women. The headshots I receive are just an added bonus. 

Since there were several of us, we decided to split up into twos and alternate photographing each other. As more women started to come we ended up with an odd number, so there was usually a group of three as well. It was really hard switching up because I would have so much fun with the one group that we didn't want to stop shooting. This happened in each group that I was in! The last group was a group of three and one of the photographers (Takia) brought her one-year-old son. Now you know that was right up my alley. He was so adorable. She so graciously took pictures of me playing with him. Most of the time she couldn't shoot because he didn't want her to put him down. Eventually, he got comfortable enough to ramble around and I was right there for it. She was even able to photograph the other photographer in our group and be photographed herself. So it worked out well.  

TLamb  (23 of 37)TLamb (23 of 37) TLamb  (30 of 37)TLamb (30 of 37) atlanta child photographer_MG_7207-Edit

It was such a beautiful evening on the downtown Decatur Square. We started a little after 4:00, so the sun was getting low in the sky. As it got later, of course, it got cooler and a little busier. Restaurants were opening for dinner and it started smelling soooooo good and I was already hungry! After we finished up, we met back at the square and a nice passerby offered to take our group picture. It truly was a truly wonderful and fun-filled evening. Below are a few gems from the outing. Enjoy!  In order of appearance: Latricia Buffington of Precious T Photography and Andrene Rozier of Soft Hues Photography.

headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7118-Edit headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7118-Edit

Brittany Richardson of B. Rich Photography and Takia Ebonee Lamb of TK Consulting & Design.

headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7118-Edit headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7118-Edit

Tiffany Powell of Tiffany Powell Photography and Chanel French of Chanel G. Photography.

headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7118-Edit headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7118-Edit

Those were the headshots that I actually captured myself, but there were other queens there too that I want you to know about. Here are some behind the scenes. Some were taken after we were done and just hanging around.

headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7137-Edit headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7137-Edit

Here are Jalivia Blumenberg Northern of Livi Blue Photography and Jessielyn (Jessie) Wade of Jess Creating Memories.

headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7137-Edit headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7137-Edit


headshot photography in atlanta_MG_7137-Edit

TLamb  (35 of 37)TLamb (35 of 37)

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed reading about our fabulous time and the wonderful photographers I had the privilege of shooting with. It's difficult to convey everything that went on. Trying to find locations with good lighting and little traffic was a bit of a challenge at times, but we did it. And Brittany telling me to give her a fake laugh always made me burst into a very real and hardy laugh. What can I say? It was one of those ridiculous, haughty laughs that only people in the 1940's movies did. Anyway, it was an excellent time had by all. Regardless of your photography needs, I am sure that someone on this blog would be able to provide you with what you're looking for. 



Awww this looks like such a great time... love the image you and the little boy! The last one is a favorite I love the natural embrace and smile. Great work!!!
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