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13 already?| Atlanta child photographer

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For those of you who have been following me and my blog for some time now, you know that I have a son. I told my husband that I would do a "one and done" type of deal regarding children. I know that sounds odd coming from someone who has eight siblings and photographs children for a living but I realized that I could only handle one. I know how I am. If I had more than one child I would be spreading myself really thin and I didn't want that. Besides, taking care of children is hard work. When you think about it, you're actually building people from the ground up. If those little people become big adults with major issues, you do realize that it's probably your fault that they are that way? I wanted to make sure that my son would not need a therapist if I could help it.

Anyway, earlier this month he turned 13. Yes, I actually have a teenager. I'm not even sure how that happened. How did I go from this...

atlanta child photographer atlanta child photographer atlanta child photographer atlanta child photographer

to this?

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I'm not saying he went from a sweet baby to some random not-so-good stranger but time has just really flown. Well, he is a bit different now and I'm not just talking about the body hair, height difference, shoe size or deep voice. I sometimes feel him pulling away. Not necessarily physically but that does happen if I try to hug him in public. As he's gotten older he's more into himself and doesn't talk to me like he used to. I understand that he's figuring out who he is but that doesn't mean I can't still miss our closeness. As you can see, he also has his own sense of style. If I wasn't so short on time and it wasn't starting to rain outside, I most definitely would have had him remove the scarf that he's had since he was nine. That's something else I miss...dressing him! Do you ever cringe when you see what your child decides to wear? Sometimes I wonder if he dresses himself with his eyes closed. One thing he does like is being monochromatic. I think he gets it from his dad but I digress.

I truly am blessed to have such a good son. He is nowhere near perfect but neither is his father or me.  I want so much for him and want to spend so much time with him but I feel like I'm running out of time. He's already 13. In three more years he'll be driving then two years after that he'll be in college. I honestly don't know where all the time went. During this season in our lives, I'm still trying to get to know the person he is becoming. It's not always that easy. Some days he wants to let me in and other days not so much. All I can really do is let him know that I am here for him if and when he needs me. I'm also trying to teach him that sometimes he will have to deal with things himself. That one is hard on me especially when he struggles. 

For instance, the images of him in this post were taken the same day he received contacts for the first time. He begged me for months to get contacts and I told him he could have them when he turned 13. Well, that was this month. So we went to the eye doctor and they actually have a class to teach people how to put in and take out their contacts. I thought that was fantastic. When I got mine at the age of 15 the eye doctor put them in for me and sent me on my merry way. Now they have a class and you must successfully put in and take out your contacts before any will be ordered for you. was tough watching him struggle to put them in. I so wanted to help him and do it for him but I resisted the urge. The eye care worker could tell I wanted to do it. I am happy to say that he was successful at both tasks and we went home happy, somewhat. Evidently, his eyes were red and irritated from all the attempts and from having foreign objects in them. When we got hom he promptly took them out and said he'd try again tomorrow. Another incentive for him to wear them tomorrow is because he chose to get new lenses put into his old frames, therefore he won't have his glasses for 7 to 14 days. He does have a pair of old glasses that he'll have to work with. 

Want to know something funny? About two weeks ago I was picking him up from the bus stop. I wasn't smiling because I was just waiting in the car for him to get in. When he got in the first thing he wanted to know was was I all right. I told him I was fine and asked him if he thought I looked mean. He said yes. That's when I found out that I have RBF (Resting Bitch Face). I really didn't know because when I would be out in public (not smiling) people would always pick me to be the one to sit next to, talk to or ask for directions. So now it appears that my son has TBF (Teen Brooding Face). That, of course, isn't my favorite nor is it when he catches an attitude. I have to keep telling myself that it's his hormones but I do talk to him about it. 

I'm not ready for a serious teen but I guess I have to get ready. My sweet little boy is still in there though. He comes out every once in a while. He hugs me (at home) and lets me kiss him. He is still very silly with me and even asks for my opinion. I love how he is still very honest with me when I want his opinion. Like when I got my hair cut last week. He didn't mention it at all so I didn't ask him about it. This week he told me that he likes my hair now that it has grown out some. Initially, it was not a good look. LOL! Believe it or not, I appreciate that. In that respect, he definitely takes after his father. 

Below are a few more images I captured. He was trying not to laugh or smile but I still managed to get one out of him. This lets me know that the son I'm used to is still in there and I believe it will always be a part of him. I'll try not to lament my little baby being gone and just rejoice in the teen that he is and the adult he will become. 

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No matter how old he gets he will always be my baby though.




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