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Too saucy for you | portrait photographer

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Well, hey there! It has been a minute. Last week I had a guest blogger submit a helpful article for those of us with children. I hope you enjoyed it. It's not often or actually ever that I allow others to post to my site. I guess it's never too late to try new things. Anyway, I am back this week and for the coming weeks. Yay me! I hope I'm not the only one happy about that. (gives side-eye) Anyway, this week I decided to write about my sister Robin. She's number seven amongst my nine siblings. In case you're wondering where I fall, I'm number four. 

You might be wondering what's so great about my sister. Well, for one, she's my sister. I think that's great. Two, she's a great mom. And three, she's a wonderful chef. At this particular point, she has finished her training to be a chef and will graduate next Monday from Atlanta Technical College. About two weeks ago I attended her white coat ceremony at the school. I must say, that was one of the more entertaining ceremonies I've ever been to. Prior to this, she was inducted into the National Technical Honor Society for all of her hard work and excellence. How cool is that?

If you follow me on social media, I know you've seen pictures of my sister and her children. For the past two or three years, I have photographed her and her children for their Christmas cards. She always comes up with really great ideas and the cards come out so cute. Do either of these look familiar?

family portraitEdwards-8 festive family portrait_MG_6552-Edit-2

Yep, she's the mastermind behind it all. She tells me what she wants and I capture it for her. I always look forward to these sessions. I think they do too.  So this time you may have noticed that it's not Christmas. In fact, it's graduation season and yes, she's graduating. She already has a job set up and everything! From the looks of things, she was born to be an entrepreneur. She used to own her own nail/beauty salon in Snellville. She did very well for herself and had clients clamoring for her services. At some point, her love of cooking turned into a passion. We always looked forward to Robin's dishes when we had a potluck during the holidays. Now that passion is going to be a career. She aspires to be a personal chef. She's worked in a restaurant and has come to realize that is not what she where she wants to be. She wants more freedom to let her creative juices flow and she feels that being a personal chef will allow her to do that. 

At any rate, I am proud of my sister. She may have taken many different paths to get here but I think it was all worth it. Below are a few of the graduation portraits I took of her. This time she just wanted a classic headshot, so that's what I gave her. Of course, there were a couple where she did add some sauce!

graduation headshots_MG_7463-Edit graduation headshots_MG_7463-Edit graduation headshots_MG_7463-Edit graduation headshots_MG_7463-Edit graduation headshots_MG_7463-Edit

I had to add the knife portraits because she has some serious knife skills. 

portraits_MG_7478-Edit portraits_MG_7478-Edit portraits_MG_7478-Edit

And in case you can't tell, her shoes say Chef Rob! Now I bet you want some of your own, don't you? Thanks so much for reading and please help me congratulate my sister on a job well done!




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