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Well, maybe it is you | atlanta child photographer

May 23, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Let me just say that I was going to blog about my son turning 13 last week but since I haven't had a chance to take any updated portraits of him I think I will hold off until next week. So instead of that blog, I will be blogging about taking pictures of your children. Before I go any further, I just want to say that I have never had an issue photographing my own son. He has always willingly posed for me. In fact, if he saw me editing images of another child he would ask me where are the pictures of him. So, no I do not normally suffer with not being able to get good shots of him. Now that he's 13 it may not be considered cool but I'll see later on this week.

Anywho, I often hear parents lament, yes even parents who are photographers, that they can never get a good image of their children. Their children might run away and hide or they'll make faces and cry. Some will stand there and either hide their faces or make faces just so their parents won't get a good picture. You may begin to wonder, "Am I the problem?" Actually, you are. Okay, I know that was harsh but you are the problem. It's really not your fault though if that makes you feel better. The problem is that your child is too comfortable with you so they take certain liberties when you pull out your camera. Let's face it, your kids are really cute so you always have your camera out.

When I photograph my clients' children very rarely do I not get them to do what I want. For the most part, they are model children. Sure they wander off sometimes (usually the one and/or two-year-olds) or lose focus, they're children. I expect it. Sometimes they will tell me no or just not do something I ask. That's fine too. During my child session, I try not to say no. If they object to something then I move on to something new. I tell my moms and dads that it's okay for them to say no. If they aren't comfortable doing something then we won't do it. The object is to keep the children engaged and having fun so that I can capture all that I need. 

For whatever reason, I decided to challenge myself by photographing my four-year-old niece. I photographed her when she was younger and things went pretty smoothly. You can check out that session here. Two-year-olds are pretty amenable for the most part. We played music and danced, used props and she was all for it. In other sessions I've sung songs, danced, played peekaboo and made goofy faces and sounds. Basically, I do what it takes to get the shot. Getting back to this most recent session, she was not the same little girl I photographed two years ago. The first image I captured was basically a test shot but it came out well.

atlanta child photographer_MG_7493-Edit

After that, it started getting out of hand just a bit. The major sillies came out to play and the session went sliding down the proverbial hill, as seen below.

atlanta child portraits outtakes_MG_7494-Edit atlanta child portraits outtakes_MG_7494-Edit atlanta child portraits outtakes_MG_7494-Edit

I was able to capture one cute one from this series but she still wasn't quite how I wanted her to be. Ah well...

atlanta child photographer_MG_7496-Edit

My sister talked to her a bit because me talking to her didn't work. Remember, I have to play the good cop and this is because she's too comfortable with me. Had she not known me we wouldn't have had issues like we did. After the talking to and a little bit of wrestling, I was able to capture these two shots.

atlanta child photographer_MG_7498-Edit atlanta child photographer_MG_7498-Edit

That didn't last long. So I asked my sister to get in the pictures with her to help calm her down. That didn't work as well as I had hoped. At first, she got upset because she thought that I was going to photograph her mom instead of her so she walked off. We called her back and explained and below is how the sequence went. It started out okay but then she started putting her legs in the air. By the way, she is still super flexible and it shows. I think when she grows up she might become a contortionist for Cirque du Soleil but I digress.

portrait session outtakes_MG_7509 portrait session outtakes_MG_7509

I asked her to give her mommy a kiss because those are always cute. Well, this one looks like the kiss between Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca.

portrait session outtakes_MG_7509

I apologize to anyone who is reading this and doesn't know who those two were or have never heard of the movie. Then she does other shenanigans like turning her back to me, walking around the backdrop and sticking her tongue out.

portrait session outtakes_MG_7509 portrait session outtakes_MG_7509

So for all of you parents out there who are unsuccessful at taking images of your uncooperative children, I feel your pain. Like I said, I was challenging myself. Why? I guess I wanted to push my limits and push my limits I did! In case you're wondering, my sister and I cut the session short and she ended up going upstairs in tears loudly apologizing and saying she wanted to take pictures now. Ah well....she learned just a little too late about following directions. I've been photographing children for 15 years and have never (knock on wood) had a session like the one with my niece. As I stated earlier, your children aren't cooperative because you're the one taking their pictures. It really isn't your fault. What I would suggest though is hiring someone to take your children's pictures. It will relieve your stress, you'll get beautiful images and you'll actually get to be in the pictures with your children.  I'd say that was a win-win. By the way, when I say, someone, I really mean me. 


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