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What do you value? | portrait photographer

May 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Okay, I know I've spoken about value before but something I saw the other day got me thinking about it again. If you're on Facebook you may have seen it. It's an ad that says that diamonds are literally worthless. They didn't have value until De Beers gave them value. My first thought was, "What? They have bamboozled us again!" But then, I really thought about it. Nothing really has value until we give it value.

Think about it. Let's say you're having a garage sale. There is an item you have that you feel it is worthless so that's why you're getting rid of it. Someone comes along and they see value in it so they will more than likely pay your (albeit discounted) price and go on their merry way with their new find. What's that saying? "One man's trash is another man's treasure"? How about the department store? Perhaps you're looking for a pair of jeans. One pair costs $121, another pair costs $50 and the last pair costs $19.99. Which pair would you buy? It comes down to how much you value jeans or brand names. 

One of the most precious things I value is spending time with my son. Things are a bit different now than they were when he was little. Much of the time we spent together isn't even something he remembers but I do. He doesn't necessarily remember all of the times I read to him or took him to the zoo or The Children's Museum. He was just too young. But I remember them. I cherish those times together. Now that he's almost 13, we can make memories that he does remember. I can have meaningful conversations with him that will hopefully last him a lifetime. Not that we didn't have meaningful conversations when he was younger, it's just different now.

I say all of this to say if there is something that you value and someone else doesn't feel the same way about it, that's fine. They simply don't value it the way that you do. That doesn't mean that you're wrong and what you value is worthless. It just means your value systems are different. The premise goes with anything that can be considered to have value. If I had a choice to spend $5,000.00 on a piece of jewelry or a vacation to some exotic land I would choose the vacation. That's because I value the experience and the memories over this jewelry that really won't do anything for me. 

I'm sure you know that I value photography as well. If I didn't value it or believe in its value, I definitely wouldn't be a photographer. There are plenty of people who feel that photography is a need but it's not. It is definitely a want. I consider it a luxury. That's what's so great about photography. You can find a photographer who provides what you're looking for and how much you are willing to pay for it. I know that my photography will not be everyone's cup of tea and I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that because I know those who choose me and my photography will value what I can produce for them. I mean, who doesn't want to be valued? Tell me what you value. I really want to know.


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