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My lil' sis

June 27, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Just recently I had the pleasure of photographing a wonderful woman that I have known for years. Well, actually I am rephotographing her. You see, a few years ago I decided to write a book about the natural hair journies of black women. Chanel was one of the first women that I photographed. That's when we started to get to know each other. To be honest, I do not remember how we met but she does. On a side note, I really need to try to improve my memory because I can watch an entire movie that I've seen before as if I were seeing it for the first time. That can't be good.

Anyway, I may have mentioned my book in previous posts. The plan is for it to be published and ready for public consumption in November of this year. Getting back to the story...I had to rephotograph Chanel because two years ago my hard drive crashed. Even though I had my files backed up, for some reason her files didn't end up in the backup. Since that time she had moved out of state and figured that the files were at her parents' home. Each time she'd come back in town she would look for them but to no avail. So now that I'm actively working on the book again I figured the only way that I would be able to use pictures of her was to retake them.

This project has taken far longer than it should have. At times I was just too busy. Other times that little negative Nancy would show up and tell me that the book was a waste of time so I would just let it sit. Then there were times when I was just downright lazy. Those times are in the past, that's why I decided to shoot for November as the cutoff. I figured if I gave myself a deadline and told people about it that would help me stay accountable. Besides, November is also my birthday month so what better time than that? 

Okay, back to the story. Even though I already have six sisters I figured Chanel would fit right in. With her being a bit younger than me she would sometimes hit me up for advice or run things by me. The funny thing is that even though she is younger than me there is no communication barrier. She's a very confident woman who knows what she wants to do and if she doesn't quite know how she's going to do it, she'll figure it out. Take her Glow Photo Series which you can learn about here. She had an idea and she ran with it. In addition to her Glow Photo Series, she also sells items on Etsy that she crochets under the name FAMEousJ. There was this one time that she had a campaign for Questlove of The Roots to wear one of her crocheted bowties. I believe she had a serendipitous meeting with him at a venue he was playing at and she gave him one of her bowties. After some time he actually wore one on TV. It was glorious to see! To top it off, she has started Chanel Jaali Photography and also has her business teaching sex ed through Jaali Co. Oh, I almost forgot, she has a beautiful voice. I just love to hear her sing! 

Chanel is one of my absolute favorite people and is an inspiration to me. I love how she tackles everything in her path and keeps it moving. I love how she puts a plan together and works with what she has to get the job done. Chanel is a fearless, free spirit and a very determined woman who is filled with light and love. But don't get it twisted. She will let you know if and when you are out of bounds. You have been warned.

There is so much I want to tell you about her but it will take more than my blog to get it all down. I'll just say that she is truly a special human-being whom I'm blessed to have in my life. Even though we consider her my lil' sis, she has taught me quite a bit too. So you can put a face to all of these accolades and accomplishments, here are just some of the images I captured of her. I can't show them all because I have to save some for the book!

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