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Happy June! I don' know about you but this year sure seems like it's flying by already. Before I know it the summer will be over and I'll be registering my son for school again. Let me just say that I do not look forward to that chore. Anywho, that is not what I'm here to talk about this week. In case you're wondering, this week's blog is not about Madonna and I will not be discussin voguing. But what I will be talking about is posing.

This information may be geared more towards photographers but mom's with a camera should be able to benefit as well. The ironic thing about this post is that I don't really like posing people. Of course the reason I do it is because i's part of my job. Plus, sometimes people have to be told what to do so they don't end up in an unflattering pose. Nobody wants to buy those images, except for awkward family  The really sad part is that many of those photos on that site were actually posed by someone! Yikes! You mean they did that on purpose? Yep!

Getting back to my I said before I'm not fond of posing people but I have to do it. When I actively pose people I like to make it look natural. You know, like I just saw them sitting or standing that way. Sometimes that's exactly how I get the pose I want, by letting my subjects do what feels comfortable to them. There may be some refinement of their initial pose but that's pretty much it. 

Depending on how young the child(ren) is/are will determine how I'm going to pose them. For instance, a one-year-old is not really going to pose for you. If they do, you are lucky and someone needs to get that child a modeling agent. Usually the hardest thing to get a mobile one-year-old to do is say still. At this age you just have to keep them entertained and possibly chase them when they scamper off. Your best bet is to capture candids. Here are some prime examples.

cake smash portraitscake smash portraits outdoor family portraitsoutdoor family portraitsoutdoor portraits of a husband and wife and their 1 year old son. Atlanta child photographersibling portraitstwo sisters playing outdoors Atlanta maternity photographerAyesha Lakes

The secret to good candids is to plan an activity to get the type of reaction you want out of your child. Next, you just need to time it right. It's best to line up your shot so you don't miss it. The first image was easy because he was distracted by cake. The second image, we were having fun at the park. He found a stick (boys and sticks!) and enjoyed that. I just called his name, he turned his head and I captured the shot. The third image, we were playing in the backyard with her sister and the family dog. She was having such a fun time on their little jungle gym. Something really tickled her and I was able to capture that image. In the last image I used two things to get the image I wanted. The first was mom. Having interaction between the child(ren) and their parents usually makes for beautiful images. Since this little man was so busy and didn't want to be held that day I had to do something extra. I put some scotch tape on his fingers to keep him in her lap. So as he's trying to get the tape off, I take he picture. 

As children get older they are easier, for the most part, to photograph. I may have told you this before, but my favorite age group to photograph are three-year-olds. Why you ask? Because they are (mostly) people pleasers and pretty good at following directions. If you make it into a game then you can get what you want from them in 8 out of 10 tries. Also, they are excellent at mirroring and playing games. Below is one of my most favorite images. She was actually mirroring me when I captured the image. I squatted down to capture her a her level and she decided to do the same.

Atlanta child photographersibling photographyportraits of sisters playing and painting

Here's another little girl whom I was playing peekaboo with.

Atlanta child portraits photographerchild portraits Atlanta child portraitschild portraits

I thought her expression was priceless! The thing with young children is expression, so don't worry about the posing too much. Often times you can place them how you want them. They may or may not stay but it's worth a try. 

It does get easier when they get older. One thing you may have to deal with is when they get the "sillies".  This is when they are old enough to understand but want to be really silly and do their own thing. At time I may have to resort to bribery. Actually, the parents will bribe the children before I will. I like to try to coax them into doing one last thing through a game. One thing that is great is to play pretend if you're looking for a certain expression. With these three sisters I put them close together like that and told them to give me their serious faces. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Atlanta child photographersibings-5

With children, the important thing to remember is to make sure they are comfortable. If they are not comfortable they will tell you so. It may not always be verbal but they will let you know. There are standard posing guidelines like if it bends, bend it. Girls should be posed in a feminine "S" curve is another one. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps it's just me, but I just do what feels natural to the children when I have to photograph them. And natural is so much better than too posed. 


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