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A grand reunion

July 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Last week my blog talked about my brother and his family coming to visit. At the time of the posting, that particular event had not taken place yet. Basically, I was anticipating their arrival. If you actually read the blog last week, then you know that it was shorter than my average blog. What can I say? I happen to be rather verbose when I type. It's only because I have so much I want to share. Besides, I tend to type like I talk so in essence, my blogs are like me talking to you. Well, it's like talking to me without all of the hand gestures, facial expressions, and voice inflections. Those particular things tend to make the story much more interesting. Like the time my husband and I were in Belize on a boat and I had to pee really badly. That story can really only be told in person. Otherwise, the words just don't do it justice. But I digress...

I finally got to see my brother, his wife, stepdaughter and 3 young daughters. The last time I saw him, his two youngest girls weren't even born yet! So this was the first time any of us are seeing them, besides pictures on phones and other devices. Can you imagine being four, five and seven and meeting all of these new people all at once? They were a bit shy at first, which I certainly do not blame them for. Eventually, they came around and I actually got hugs. Being a child photographer, I have learned not to rush kids into being comfortable with me. They will come around when they are ready without any prodding. Like I've said before, I don't need them to be my best friend. I just need them to know that I won't hurt them and it's okay for me to take their picture. If they end up liking me and happen to give me a hug at the end, then all the better. 

As you may know, I have eight other siblings. Out of those eight, there are only two boys. Blake is the oldest. He's got me by three years and Drake has me by one. And no, they are not twins. From what I understand, my parents started naming their children alphabetically. My older sister is named Allison, then there's Blake and after him, I believe was a stillbirth. So I guess they just skipped over C and went to D for Drake. As for me and why my name isn't Esther, Elizabeth, Eva or the like, I think one of my aunts may have been to thank for that. There is more to this story and the naming of my other siblings but for now, I'll stop here. 

Anyway, it was so great to see all of them, especially my brother. We've had lots of good and bad times together. I was worried about him for a little while...well actually a long while but he's gotten himself together. I think his daughters have changed him for the better and I am extremely happy about that. I am sure many of you can relate to loved ones who don't always follow the path that you think they should have. But they have to find their own way in their own time and we can't help them with that. Below are a few images I snapped before both they and I had to leave. It was rather impromptu and I happened to have my camera with me because I was meeting some other photographers to go on a photo walk, which I will talk about for next week's blog. In case you're wondering why I haven't posted about my sister who is still visiting from Arizona, she won't let me take pictures of her. I can't force her. I still have another week or so to convince her, so we'll see. Until then, I hope you enjoy the images. 

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These are my adorable nieces Drakayla, Leander and A'miracle. Can you guess which one is the most rambunctious of the three?

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How about now? I'll just tell you. It's A'miracle! She was a preemie. When she was born she weighed all of 1 pound and some odd ounces. Her mother was diagnosed with preeclampsia and had to be hospitalized. We were very worried for the both of them but they successfully pulled through. Now trying to get her to sit still or be quiet is a chore within itself but you've just gotta love the spirit that she has. And of course, I had to take a picture of my brother and his wife by themselves. Funny thing after children is that it's not too often that parents get pictures of themselves without the kids crashing the picture. 

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I did actually capture a picture of my out-of-town sister with our brother but she decided she didn't want it posted. (sadness). At least she took the time to literally jump out of the car and give him a hug before she had to head off to the store and before he had to leave. Well, at least I can look at it. It was really sad to see my brother and his family leave. He and I were so close growing up and life just sent us down different paths. I'm glad to have him back in my life. Since he left I've already talked to him twice so that's a good thing. I look forward to even more conversations with him. 



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