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My latest epiphany | atlanta child photographer

August 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this image on Monday.

atlanta child photographer

I don't know about you but I love the simplicity of this image. It seems that many of my followers and other IGers really like this image as well. I find that not only intriguing but timely. Here I was debating with myself about possibly changing up my style of photography to appeal to more people. Even though I love what I create I would like for other people to feel the same. As an artist, you must know that my creations/captures are my babies. I often thought about adding additional elements to my images but then I ask myself, why? I know so many wonderfully talented and creative photographers, as well as photographers whom I don't actually know but follow. Some of them are doing some extraordinary things with their setups for children. They might have elaborate sets or wild themes. It's truly magical. I, however, do not do those things. Not necessarily because I can't but because that's just not me. If you've seem my IG stories you can see I am a no-frills kind of person. 

When I photograph children, I like to show the various sides of their personality. I want the parents to see their children for who they are at that moment. For me to do this, I use simple backdrops or backgrounds. I concentrate on the child and what they are doing and who they are. There are times when I might add a little extra to tell a different story like I did here:

  atlanta baby photographerdixon-40

At this age, I don't believe their personality has formed yet, so I'm a bit more inclined to add additional elements. I played around a bit and this is what I came up with. It's still a simple image but reinforces the point of a baby peacefully sleeping.

My goal as a photographic artist is for parents to look back at these images and remember that time as vividly as if it were yesterday. Watching your child(ren)'s personality develop is a wondrous thing. You can probably see parts of you or their other parent, even a grandparent or an aunt/uncle. It really is amazing. I feel that my job is to help preserve that for them/you. One of the most recent comments I received on IG about the first image was, "Just plain awesome. You really captured this beautiful little girl's spirit in the photograph. Beautiful capture!" I love and appreciate that compliment because that is what I am going for each time I photograph a child. 

I take my tagline to heart, "Putting Art into photography". It's not just the specific art pieces that I'm talking about. It's the art that is life, love, and relationships. That's what I'm trying to preserve. Below are a few of my favorite images where I believe that I captured the art of life, love and relationships.

atlanta child photographer atlanta newborn photographerDakari-49-Edit atlanta family photographerdixon-8 atlanta child photographernuri-27 atlanta family photographerportrait-5728  



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